How to build a Cardboard CFL Box

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by camoxnhx, May 24, 2009.

  1. camoxnhx

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    What up everyone. So I thought I'd contribute something to the site. I went out and got some boxes and I'm rebuilding my grow box. Atm I'm taking pics of every step I take. Pics posted soon!
  2. Divestoned

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    I've been thinking of switching to a cardboard box,but im not sure how to fit the 2- 4 foot hood's in there...:thumbsup:

  3. camoxnhx

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    So heres the box so far. I will get into detail when i install everything and ill show you the easyest way. pics are self explantory. any question fire away. i plan on finishing this tonight and if not the tomorrow but this will be very well detailed.

    Why cant i post the pics here?
  4. headshake

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    i think you are gonna need a cardboard fort, not a box!

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  5. camoxnhx

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    Im going to be working with a Passive Intake for the box

    This is a 3 set of boxes from Staples cost $8.88USD
    I Taped The Bottom and taped the top flap together (for the SSH)
    I wanted it big enough to fit 2 5 QUART pots and probly 2 more.
    Cut the top out of the other set of boxes for the top
    Side view of the box With Mesurements
    One of the Holes Cut In the top for my 4 Inch exaust (adding more)
    Passsive Intake (Brings fresh air creating a "NEGITIVE" airflow)

    So as i continue building and painting i will take pics of the step by step process.
  6. camoxnhx

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    Top with 3 holes cut in and the bottom painted white (inside the box)

    The Duct for the top of the box "SIDES" (need 2)

    Top of the duct (TOP PORTION)

    Duct top and sides bolted (used 1/2" bolts and nuts)

    and to be continued....
  7. cornbread

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  8. camoxnhx

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  9. camoxnhx

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    So for the bulbs they are 6 26 Watt CFLS (1600 Lumes each=9600Lumes) I got them at walmart.
  10. killa12345

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    hey camo......are you flowering.....if not you are gonna wanna change some of them 2700k for some 6500k bulbs....
  11. camoxnhx

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    I have 3 and 3 of daylight and warmlight. I'm sexing them atm but when I flower I'm going to use 10CFLs instead of 6
  12. camoxnhx

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    So i was having some Medication i mean meditation time (lol) and from the size of this box i was thinking of either a 100w HPS or a 150w HPS. I have some extra cash that i was saving for the cannabis cup but i want to invest into something more then 7 days(i still plan on going next year with the wife). Now i dont know any reliable sites to get them from but i have seen both 100w and 150w HPS systems. any suggestions?
  13. fluid69

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    this ebay store link from the "el cheapo lighting guide" has some sweet deals. I was thinking of ordering one from them.

    eBay Store - High Tech Garden Supply: DIGITAL GROW LIGHTS, 400 watt Grow Lights, 1,000 watt Grow Lights
  14. camoxnhx

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    Thanks fluid! That link is the shit.
  15. fluid69

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    yeah, I've been drooling over some HPS setups. I'd love to have that 600w with cool tube.
  16. MRDiff

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    Nice. Im working on a diy lighting fixture for cfl. but this is cool
  17. camoxnhx

    camoxnhx Registered+

    Well hopefully I helped with your brainstorming. Anyone have any questions fire away :)
  18. Bluemysticboy

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  19. iambuterdtoast

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    This may be late coming, but at least it will bump the thread.

    This guide is truly epic, TRULY EPIC!!! I will be using this guide to create my CFL Grow box safely and looks really effective. I only want 2-3 plants, and that box is big enough to harvest from start to finish.
  20. camoxnhx

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    i grew 4 plants from start to finish in this box. i did this thread a while ago and i have had good harvests out of this box. im glad that this thread has help because that was my goal. we all have to start some were my friend. welcome to the world of CANNA.COM!

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