how to build a clone box

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by stickinnc, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. stickinnc

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    I have searched the site and seen know threads about how to do this. Does anybody have any links or suggestions
  2. justanotherbozo

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    hi guy, heres a link to one i built, cheap, easy to build and run and very effective (i've been getting about 99% success with it)


    if you have any questions feel free to ask

    anyway, good luck
  3. stickinnc

    stickinnc Registered+

    thankyou sir, I have been all over this site and not found that thread. What light cycle are you using on them and what are you using for the "roll" looking stuff that you put the stem through?or is it the pipe insalation that you use for that?
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  4. justanotherbozo

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    i have the cloner under 1x30watt, 6500K light that i run 24\7 and yeah, that's the pipe wrap.
    i bought a 5 foot length and i just cut it into 1 inch long pieces that i wrap the cuts with and wedge into the 1 inch holes.
  5. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

    btw, heres a few other examples for you to check out.
    personally, i spent weeks searching for cloners on this site and several others as well.
    i also looked at as many threads concerning cloning as i could find.
    then i built my cloner using the simplest, cleanest design i could think of.

    believe me, if you read these threads and any others on cloning you can find,
    i guarantee you will be able to clone reliably when you are done
  6. hudson88

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    Aiiiiii, bubble cloners rock! ;)

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