How to build and maintain your own custom bubbler DWC grow

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by deftdrummer, May 22, 2007.

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    This NEEDS to be sticky-fied!

    Any objections, let me know and I'll de-stick it, but this is a fabulous thread.

    I'd like to make it a sticky in Hydroponics actually now that your harvest is in- would that be all right?
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    Hey stinky thanks for stopping by! I don't mind if you use it at all as a sticky, hopefully people can benefit from it both the ups and the downs.
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    On a side note, I would also like to point out why it is never a good idea to try to estimate your yields with MJ. Our original estimates were in the 7oz range and to quote myself that was a "conservative" figure. In the long run we only ended up getting 3.8oz which is a huge difference in yield. What did we learn? that knowing your strains origins and specific flowering, yield, and growth patterns when available, are a must have for a serious grower. We grossly underestimated how much of an impact different strain types have on your overall yields. Our last grow was in an ebb and flow like I mentioned in the beginning of the thread and was much less efficient in almost every aspect. We wanted to perfect every weak point we found through trial and error in our last grow and thus came up with the DWC recirculating pots. So with that in mind, we were under the impression that this grow would be much higher yielding but lo and behold, less yield.

    Before I start to sound like I am being a downer I would also like to say that this weed is far superior to anything that came from the plants during our last grow. The density, flavor, smell, and texture are all four times as good as the previous harvest. This is just an example of when quality is more desirable than quantity. On that note i'll remind everyone that we grow for personal use so obviously its different strokes for different folks.
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    Deft I was wondering if you could elaborate on how to build your own halo drip setup I.E. hose sizes and the basic principles of using the air pump to get the water from the drip ring. I have all supplies i would probably need available to me at work. I actually had a Waterfarm setup that I bought when I had my first apartment but that was 10 years ago and I can't remember how it worked. Anyways any advice would be great.
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    A good saying is "Don't count your chickens before they've hatched." I have this problem too.. its real hard to estimate yeild. Once you get a good setup you can add CO2 to the mix. Proper co2 injections can speed up the flowering time and lncrease bud mass by about 33%. Also tweeking your nuterient/addditives regimine will help yeild. I was growing with a 600w and i though i was gonna harvest at least 10 ounces... (600watts should grow 600grams)... well by the end of the harvest we only ended up with alittle over 6 oz. After that we added a sugarwater co2 generator and a new horilux bulb and the next harvest we grew some very good dank bagseed that i was really excited about. Well we ended up getting 9 and a half from 6 plants. This is still half of the full potiential of that light. I think if I had some high yeilding genetics or if I grew scrog I could get a pound every 2 months. My next grow im thinkin about doin hydro... and maybe getting one of those hydrohuts... those are cool.
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    what is, ' latewoods GH formula' any links?
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    Dude... scroll down
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    damn dude
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    hey def , great setup & grow :thumbsup: i have a question 4 u . your drip rings (halos) , where did u get them ? my area doesn't have a hydro store close , so i've been ordering off the net & i haven't been able 2 find one set yet . was wandering if u could shoot me a the website u got them from ? thanx for any help :thumbsup: smokedaddy :Rasta:
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    we got the halos from a local hydro store, dont know what they are called on the net. We have since stopped growing and all of our stuff is for sale on the local craigs list. Check your craigslist
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    What I need help understanding is keep the system clean. I'm not sure exactly what needs to be done. Does the water have to be changed daily? Or do the hydrotrons I would like to setup some sort of hydro in the upcoming months.
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    hey all. I am new here but hope to post soon. I like the grow and am doing something similiar on a much larger scale.

    General Hydroponics make the drip rings (halos) and can be easily ordered online for like 10 bucks.

    I have 2 of these setups and I use them to keep 2 moms. I am new to them but like them a lot since I can run them 24/7 w/o needing any timers for my pumps.

    In regards to cleaning, I reccomend using Clearex by Botanicare. It basically breaks down salt buildups and leeches your medium. I do it about once a month.

    I have grown GP twice now, once indoors and once out. I must say that the product is close to the best but the yield is not. Usually only about an ounce per plant can be expected when growing multiple plants under an single light 600W or less.

    I grew it with 3 600W HPS and only got about 11 oz from 16 plants. YIKES that sucked.

    No more Indicas for me. Now all I grow is trainwreck and Critical mass. I have a massive CM grow coming in 3 weeks that is under 4 X 600W HPS systems. I added the 4th HPS light in the middle of week 5 so it may not help as much as having it earlier in the grow but what can you do right? I am hoping that I get close to 2 lbs from 16 plants. I have heard of people getting more from this many lights but we will see.

    Since I will more than likely not post here I just wanted to make a few comments about your grow.

    All in all you did a very good job and anytime you can come away with a good final product regardless of yield that is to be commended.

    Things to improve for next time (if there is once since it sounds like you sold all of your shit):

    Temps temp temps!!!!! Gotta keep them lower to get more yield. I learned in this hot bullshit CA summer that A/C is a must. Adding a 12,500 BTU in wall A/C was hands down the best thing I have ever added to my grow. YOu will be amazed at how much better things go when this is implemented. Not only does it keep temps awesome it also helps to remove humidity which helps with mildews and other things that can make your grow suck. Another thing it does is helps to keep res temps lower as well which all the roots to to take up more nutes. Lower water temps = more O2 in the H20.

    I guess this may not apply but I find that tying plants down is huge in getting better yields. By reducing the overall height of your canopy you are able to get much better penetration to the middle levels. All of the lower growth should be trimmed away completely by the 3rd or 4th week. This may be hard though because you guys relied on the portabilityof you system which obviously would not work with static tying.

    Topping in flower and not in veg is also huge. From a TON of experimentation I have come to the absolute conclusion that an FIM top Should be done to all cola and cola-like branches between the 2nd and 3rd week of flower. Be sure that when using the FIM that you actually nip the tip of the bud otherwise the top will not be as effective. I have had so called experts call me downright crazy for doing this but I have run 2 controled tests with 2 Critical Mass grows and the jury is out on this one. I wish I had done these 2 things with my PGD grow as I am sure that I would have gotten a lot more yield. You will be amazed at what happens when you do these 2 things. Between the 2 though the tying is the biggest and most important. By manipulating you plants to grow sideways much more growth can be exposed to light.

    Anyways I am ramblimng...

    Again congrats!
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    whats the difference between a clone and a seed?
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    damn i just finished the thread. nice plants and cool tat (panther). my dad has the same exact one on his chest. lol i guess all pot heads think alike
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    A seed takes a month to start vigorous veg. growth. A rooted clone takes a few days. Seeds all have genetic variants... clones are all genetically identical. Clones are good because once you find your favorite plant you can keep growing that exact same plant. Clones also cut a about 2 weeks out and yeild better 9 times out of 10.
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    You answered my question excellently, thanks a lot
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    ok so i know just a little about hydro but thats where i want to go for growing. anyways, i am just having a haed time understanding how the water gets to the halo.

    now i know u have an dual air pump that pumps down to the bubbler, but how does the water get to the halo for the drip system? does pressure build up in the bottom and push water to the top or what? im confused on how that works thank you very much in advance
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    you need a water pump to get the water to the halos

    later D:S5:
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    its actually an air pump.

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