How to build and maintain your own custom bubbler DWC grow

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by deftdrummer, May 22, 2007.

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    is that an R6 or an R1? its nice see riders on these forums. got a R6 myself (2000)
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    Could someone explain how this works? I've always been interested in DWC but I have a hard time understanding how the water makes it's way up and out through the halo without using a water pump. Is it just the simple action of the air bubbling in the tube that forces moisture up into the halo?


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    Anyone???? I know there are a ton of very intelligent people here.
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    I am trying to figure the same thing out......I guess there is a certain amount pressure applied that creates a kind-of siphoning action?? I am just guessing at this, so if someone can help me figure this out.........
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    Looks like this thread was chopped when they upgraded the board. Someone by the name of farredeyed has responded to my original question. Here is his/her reply:

    Thanks farredeyed!
    here's a pdf that has some really diagrams of air lift pump concepts, hope it helps you

    I believe he/she also said to search YouTube for "Air Lift Pumps". Very cool stuff.

    Enjoy! :smokin:
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    Sick setup you got going there. I know nothing about hydro but I learned some through your post. Informative and great pictures. Keep up the good work and happy growing:jointsmile:
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    I got a suggestion to anyone looking to copy the dwc bubbler.

    Early in this thread Deftdrummer said he drilled a 1/4 inch hole in the side of the bucket for the bubbler air line.

    and later on he awoke to finding a leak emminating from 1 of the holes since the line was bumped and apparently loosened the silicone creating the leak.

    My suggestion is to run the air line thru the water level tube and with the gasket on that i dont think you would need to worry on any leaks.

    Hope It helps ya.
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    How would i get into the field of growing medical cannabis for a dispensary or "where ever" you are suppose to sell it? Looking for any information that helps. I currently live in Washington where i have my green card but debating heading south to california in order to attend Oaksterdam University. Please any information helps, you know how hard it is to get the info you want/need on google.
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    I am new, a builder and finishing a new 10x16 room

    I don't know the way this thread works so forgive me if I piss anyone of but here goes.
    Been building all my life and playing with first grow in a old outback room (nasty) using a ebb and going crazy with PH bouncing around.
    Using a t5 6light at present and organic nuts.
    I have picks from my home made cloner(worked great 2 weeks w/ big healthy roots
    while I am finishing my new room I thought I would get started with this Sativa that we are still waiting to finish 14' tall now
    I will be building 3 sets of 6 5 gal dwc bucket system
    1 veg
    1 flower
    1 2nd flower
    this will give me a 6 plant rotation crop I hope
    ?????? getting it all right
    I can explain all If I have posted in the right place
    PS This room is prety awsumeeee
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    Ok i also dont understand how the water gets into the halo. Its killing me!

    Also, i went to that link showing all those different pump systems but i still didnt get it. Someone explain it plz! :confused:
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    Nice !!! wish I was kicken it with you and and that nice harvest .
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    These buckets work perfectly IMHO still use mine every now and then between experimenting with different container gardening like right now I have a similar setup in a livestock feed bunk 2' x 10' with pics on another CC thread ...

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