How to clean glass pipe (easy way)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by orangeman, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I said the next time my pipe got dirty I was going to make a guide on how to clean it basically the easiest way that I know how. It worked every time and never failed, it even cleans hard to reach places in your pipe when you try to clean it out with some type of thin object. EVERYONE should have these items in their household and that's why I think it's the most easiest because well it doesn't get more simple than this

    The things you need is
    • A piece of paper
    • Iodized Salt
    • Isopropyl Alcohol

    Now the pictures basically explains it self. All you're doing is making a form in the paper so the salt doesn't go in the bowl all at one time and get clogged, then you would pour the alcohol into the bowl as well. Then plug all 3 holes and shake vigorously. When you're done shaking all you have to do is let the stuff run out and you'll see all the dirt. For people with pipes that aren't see thru that'll probably be the only way you can tell your pipe has been cleaned out unless it doesn't smell like resin any more.

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  2. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    And bam, your pipe should look just the way it did on the day you bought it other than the slight color change :).

    Not really a long tutorial, but it shouldn't have to be, it's plain and simple and it works. And although majority of you might know how to clean your pipes already there are some that still don't know how and I think it's nice to help out because I know how annoying a dirty pipe can be. :hippy:

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  3. skatin_foo15

    skatin_foo15 Registered+

    I have friends who just fill a cup up with water. than put there glass piece in it then throw it in the microwave for 15 seconds and they repeat it a few times and presto! i wonder if its dangerous to do that...hmmm
  4. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    This is still easier IMO. Don't need a microwave and don't need to "repeat until completely clean". It usually only takes one go to clean them out this way. And I don't think microwaving is any thing different than boiling your pipe which I did and it didn't work. The resin build-up in my pipe was way too thick for water boiling and stuff.
  5. Oil_Man

    Oil_Man Banned

    Good on ya boy....

    but ya ive known this but i just get a lil jar with a lid throw the pipe in an fill the jar with the Isopropyl Alcohol 99% (not 50% like urs)
    then in no time ur pipe will be clean an with the resin thats in the Isopropyl Alcohol i cook up an make some Res Oil gets ya pretty high.. but i would only smoke res oil if i cant afford any weed at the time or somthin
  6. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Yeah I just smoked out of it and it was a little dirty at the bottom so I decided to take a pic tut. If ya want next time when my pipe is filthy I'll take a before and after and post it here lol.
  7. Sir Bliss

    Sir Bliss Registered+

    Nice little tutorial you got there, orange. It's a shame I just cleaned my pipe earlier today, because I would've given this method a try. Ah well, it's still sorta resed up, maybe I'll give it a shot later tonight.

    By the way, I've got the same pipe, just slightttly different design down the middle shaft. If it's anything like mine, you already know that shit rips for such a little pipe. Happy smokin man.
  8. Fore20

    Fore20 Banned

    I read this the other day because someone posted it. It works like a charm:thumbsup:
  9. chronicnhash

    chronicnhash Registered+

    ya boy
    yeah thats the way me and everyone i know do it, works the best:stoned:
  10. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Lol hell yeah, I love that pipe.
  11. not_the_kitty

    not_the_kitty Registered+

    I do the same thing to clean my bowl except I skip on the salt. Does the salt react with the alcohol or does it just shake around to break up the resin?
  12. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I believe it really just helps to break up the resin. I'm not sure though.
  13. jdmarcus59

    jdmarcus59 Registered+

    BACK in the Day, we dint have all these cool looking glass pipes, like we
    do today, infact when I started smoking bud again with in this last year

    I was wowed by all the glass pipes there were in the smoked shops, I just
    went in there to see all the wooden pipes like we used to have. but I LOVE

    these cool looking pipes we have now, and I love how they screen these
    things now with the screen be by tour mouth, well anyway Iam going to

    shut up now because I just smoked a bowl and Iam ramblem on, infact I
    think I,ll pull out my guitar and start jammen..........peace..........U. J.
  14. qdavid

    qdavid Registered

    Wow! I'm doing the exact same thing after about 20 yr. break. Never had glass bowls back then. We had bubblers, but even those had metal bowls. I smoked out of metal mostly but wooden spoons too. That cleaning method will work great on my All-in-Wonder bowl for my vaporizer. My Vapolution vape and using that All-in Wonder bowl is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Totally glass-on-glass. Use about a pencil eraser size bowlful and in about 5 toots your toasted pretty good. I am now. 2-3X everyday. Unbelievable. No fire. I can plug it into a cigarette lighter too.
  15. smokedout973

    smokedout973 Registered

    i just tried this shit man and it worked great...thanks for the advice my shit hits way better now
  16. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    No prob, I been doin that so much lately. It's so great when it's finally clean and you remember how great it hits when it's clean haha.
  17. resma69

    resma69 Registered+

    i just tried cleaning the stem from my bong with that technique and it was kinda hard hah
    got the job done tho :thumbsup:
  18. TallCoolOne

    TallCoolOne Registered+

    This fuckign works miracles, beats boiling your peice which IMHO is very stupid. Check out my pics below of my after job.

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  19. thakiid101

    thakiid101 Registered

    Brake clean

    Go grab a can of brake clean spray it all over let it chill for a sec then after a minute or so start blasting all that gook and nasty shit right out of there then flush with soap and hot water and check those results! WOW that took two minutes.... never use this stuff inside spray outside and flush it with soap and water wherever you want.

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