How to compress weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by GetBakedOrDieTryin, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    I know people sometimes (especially in the 60s and 70s) would take regs and compress them somehow so that it would be like 1 hit would be like 5 hits.... Anybody know how to do this? I was guessing u just wet the weed down and compress the shit then dry it...
  2. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    anybody know what it is called too? I heard it was called Hashesshe (i dunno how to spell it).
  3. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    I was just thinking since i can buy a quarter for 25 and compress the shit to make it like only a nick... i'd be fucked up as hell on 3 hits :).
  4. JaiPeur

    JaiPeur Registered+

    Hashesshe? Come now, child.
  5. MidnightToker54

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    It's called hashish and that is NOT how you make it. If you wet your stash down, it will most likely turn moldy.

    This message board is a good place to ask questions, but you should also do a little research on your own so you don't have to ask a million questions. The home page,, has tons of info to start with and many questions have already been asked.
  6. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    sorry, i'll stop.
  7. MidnightToker54

    MidnightToker54 Registered+

    I wasn't saying don't ask questions, I'm also new here and have been posting a lot - but you can also find out some stuff by browsing around this site.
  8. MidnightToker54

    MidnightToker54 Registered+

    By the way, I think the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to make hash would be to get a small kief box from a head shop or EBay. You can sift the herb over the screen in the box and collect the crystals (kief) that go through the screen. Those crystals are the best part of the herb and like you said, it would be like taking a few hits combined into one. You can press the kief into hash in plastic wrap with a rolling pin, or with a film case and small C-clamp. Or you can just sprinkle the crystals over a bowl of bud but they'll burn up faster that way.
  9. Jahangir 420

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    Speaking of compression, i was just about to start a topic to tell you about what I need to do but its relevent to this so ill tell ya here :D

    Well, my dealer wont be back in 2 days so im dry as a motherfucker and I dont wanna see any other people because they rip off like crazy up here and fuck that lol why bother

    So i smoked the rest of my weed a few hours ago and now all I got left in the big baggy is a little powder from the weed, i put them all together on the corner of the bag and looked and thought to myself

    " if i put it all together, this would be a good nug "

    So I was just wondering if any of you knew how to make this powder compressed and into like a smokeable form (im lookin to smoke it from the bong)

    any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  10. MidnightToker54

    MidnightToker54 Registered+

    Jahangir - you probably can't compress it that much, it will just be dry and chunky and fall apart.
  11. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    well i found a website on how to do it... but cooking the isoclyes alcohol probably requires a face mask... and u can do this with really any kind of weed u buy from a dealer (the instructions on this website kinda suck), so i'm guessing there is a good chance i am going to really fuck this up and set it on fire the first time with the stove?
  12. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Was you talking about getting fluffy bud and compressing the actual bud?

    Just put it under something heavey, but theres not much point.
  13. samr970

    samr970 Registered

    Guted if your dry
  14. MidnightToker54

    MidnightToker54 Registered+

    DO NOT TRY TO COOK ALCOHOL ON YOUR STOVE!!!!! Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all but I've heard it's very dangerous to do indoors if you don't know exactly what you're doing. I would recommend talking to some people and see if you can find someone who's done it before. Did you know you can also do it with ice water? I'm not sure how the quality compares to alcohol extracted hash, but it is definitely safer. :)
  15. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Midnight, your very right, ITs extremly dangerous, and unless you know exactly what your doing you will probably end up in flames.

    Jahangir 420 if you got keef (The powder) just srpinkles it all in a joint, or on a bowl, it'll do exactly the same thing, no need to compress.
  16. God v2.0

    God v2.0 Banned

    the best way to get the THC out of your weed is to use the super-critical fluid extraction method, you take butane (you have to make sure that its not the kind you use for lighters because that will contain poisons so that u cant make drugs and so that you can smell when there is a leak) so go to a camping store and get some butane without additives (i couldnt find any in my town so it may be difficult to find) then you can pack a pen full of bud, squirt some butane through and catch the stuff that drips out on a flat ceramic plate. this will be hash oil. scrape up the brownish gunk with a razor blade and put a lil bit on your weed and prepare to leave the solar system
  17. The Grim Reefer

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  18. CrAzYpOtHeAd

    CrAzYpOtHeAd Banned

    Nice link man. I wanna consider makin hash now :stoned: whats it like? is it REALLY that much more powerfull of a high than a normal weed toke?
  19. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Well, hash is just the trichomes, which is THC and the other cannabinoids. The same amount of hash compared to the amount of bud will get you FUCKED.

    You only get 10-15% of the wieght of your weed, cos otherwise its not pure, and then its a waste of time.

    The easiest way to make it is this:

    And its got a GREAT soundtrack lol!
  20. rollinKansas

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    It's usually called bricking the weed. if thats what yuor taking about. and how much gets burnt probably depends on teh surface area of the weed, which woudl be decreased if you compressed it. i think, i coudl be wrong. dont' brik your weed. it's nice when good weed gets bricked and sold at comercial prices tho just because it's bricked.

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