How to deal with the green urine aspect of QCarbo32

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    Hi. I'm here for a little bit of help making a 'high' stakes decision. Back in October I got a civil citation for holding my friend's vape at my school. Now I'm getting tested for six weeks in order to get it removed and, if I fail even once, I have a chance of getting referred for an intenser 9 week program. This is not ideal for me, I had to quit lighting up daily in order to get through this.

    The reason I'm here is because my school has an annual Canada trip where we go to a ski resort to get wasted. Oh, and ski/snowboard. Because I know that there will be weed up there and I intend on really enjoying this trip, I purchased a bottle of QCarbo32 at a GNC nearby that I intend to use for the test the week after. I understand how it has to be consumed (about 5 hours before on an empty stomach, frequent urination, etc.). The part I'm worried about its the green color that my urine is going to take when I go in for the test. I know that it turns your piss green for some time after consumption, and I feel like submitting a neon green sample of urine could raise some alarms. I'm not too worried about drinking too much water beforehand and over diluting my urine because I drank more water than I ever had to get clean for the first few tests, so I'm wondering if there is any method, such as pretty much constant urination, to remove or at least significantly dim the green tint of my urine for test time. Help me fellow stoners, you're my only hope.

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