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    Any info on the best myths and legends on the best way to dry and cure my babies would be great.

    Any links would be great.
    I know about the color of the shrooms on the leaves, or the When.
    I just need to know the best place to store it.
    Upside down hanging. or laying on a tray
    Is any light acceptable.
    Depending on humidity, how long should this take?
    how long should i cure for?
    and why? and how?
    I want to harvest in 1 week and need get ready.
    Thx for all the help:Rasta:
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    ripeness of bud is subjective-I wait till the flowers aren't producing any more white pistils. hang them so they get good air circulation and so the leaves close over the buds to protect them and keep them fresher; dark as possible (light degrades the thc). owing to variance in bud mass, it's no specific amount of time, usually when the stems are brittle enough to snap. or when the leaves feel crispy to the touch. put them in airtight glass jars to cure and let them air out for a day if the buds feel too moist or there's condensation on the glass. curing is better when done for a few weeks, but it doesn't mean you can't smoke some beforehand. you can smoke the bud anytime after it's dry, even without curing. You cure to make it evenly dry throughout and to improve the flavor and aroma and the slowly expel the non-psychoactive plant parts. it's more respectful to the bud's potential if you thouroughly cure them. you will see the difference.

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    ok, thx alot. burnable.

    I was hoping for more input than that.
    maybe some testimonials of trials and failures. with different ideas .

    Do's and do not's.
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    that is really all the info anyone needs- do as he says
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    If light degrades thc then why wouldnt that be good if you harvested early since thc degrading is what gives you a stonty high ??

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