how to easily make a down pipe /w bowl

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by vengeance, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. vengeance

    vengeance Registered+

    ok if you don't have a bong or you can't get one you probably have made a ghetto bong or two. a common way is using a pen and foil/soda can. NOW every one goes

    "foil will make you dick fall off"

    good observations, but if your under 18/lazy but also want to keep your dick attached heres a simple down pipe.

    1. take an old arial, from an old remote controlled car/radio

    2. MOST IMPORTANT, You don't know what craps on the inside of the arial so take a shallow tub and fill it with boiling water and washing detergent, mix and submerge both the parts for a good 10 minutes at least and swish them around occasionally

    3. get a glitter pen(the pens with spakling ink) with a metal ball casing
    the piece that the ink rod pokes out of so you can write

    4. get a hammer and lightly tap the pen tip into the down pipe until it cracks it a little

    5. take some masking tape and with a 4 cm piece attach the bowl onto the down pipe



  2. josh g

    josh g Registered+

    Make yo dick fall off??? wtf?? haha, funny shit.
  3. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    thats a pretty small bowl for a bong...its kinda like a one hitter bong then, isnt it?
  4. Markay

    Markay Registered+

    Plastic bongs=bad.
  5. Smatchimo

    Smatchimo Registered+

    the hell is an arial?
  6. Markay

    Markay Registered+

    An ariel he means, like a telescopic one on a radio.
  7. vengeance

    vengeance Registered+

    its basicly the same thing, foil is bad and i agree

    yea well i don't normally share my bowl so two of those and im fine

    lol you don't know what an arial is? its the thing on your radio that picks up the signal.

    I agree markay, glass bongs are better but not everyone can get/afford one. i would love one but i have to hide my shit. any way if i wanna smoke i just grab a bottle and but a few holes in it and 'volia a bong.
  8. Smatchimo

    Smatchimo Registered+

    damn dude, this would be cool cept i dont wanna break off my cars (i call it antennae) ariel thing.

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