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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by moeburn, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. moeburn

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    Just a helpful tip, if you wanna find weed from people but you are afraid to ask, just ask around for zigzags or papers. If you find someone that has some, then ask them for some weed!

    And always remember what your parents and teachers taught you: Don't talk to strangers because they might try and give you drugs.
  2. tribute to me

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    hahah, thats a very helpful tip
  3. Th3 Chr0nic

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  4. ibreakthings

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  5. TheAtomicPunk

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  6. Tmar.aLL.DaYmar

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    or just use a slang word that only people who smoke would know, like bud or sticky icky or something like that.
  7. VoidLivesOn

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    When I ran away this summer from Texas to Pennsylvania using the Greyhound bus system (which I would have been better off fucking riding on the back of a greyhound dog then there shitty excuse for a bus system)...

    At every stop there was always 3 people that would ask you if you had rolling papers, and if you said yeah they would ask you for some weed or if you wanted to buy some.IN EVERY FUCKING CITY it was like this.They all said the same thing.It was like the twightlight zone.
  8. dogg

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    Nice Tip!
  9. moeburn

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    yeah but what about the cops man? Cops can't arrest you for asking for papers, but I think they'd be assholes enough to wanna search you if you ask for weed.
  10. sharpezor

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    well if i didnt have a dealer id go hang out around headshops and ask people as they walked out.
  11. cameron123240

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    if u really wanna find weed (for people who r in school)

    ur better off trying the sk8ers, naturally. ( no offence to non smoking sk8ers)
    i mean HELLO?? how many preps do know toke on fattys and suck on hooka hoses. lol
  12. justinsane

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    actually, some of the most hardcore smokers i know are low key, and youd never guessed they smoked.
  13. czechweed

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    nice advice
  14. Testament

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    Finding better connects is all about networking...
    usually, if you can meet (or already know) someone who is pretty plugged in,
    it will lead to meeting new people, and so forth. thats basically how i came up ...
    it helps to have known the person BEFORE the weed days ... because they'll likely be willing to introduce you directly to wholesalers, rather than sell to you for street value.
  15. FieldofHerb22

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    Hey man, I know how it is. I went from Houston to LA on a Greyhound. It was terrible. El Paso has the worst station ahhhhhhh. I almost got vommited on by a kid in LA station. Ahhhhh the memories......I must stop speaking might get flashbacks.
  16. moeburn

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    I have contacts, i'm in a network. But one night i found myself downtown Toronto, without any weed, without any friends who wanted to sell me any.

    But i didn't let it hit me, i had a fun time anyway. I met the friendly stranger, i cheered "happy new year" to him, he said the same to me, asked me if i wanted to go out back to burn. After knowing me for 4 seconds.

    I did, and although I didnt have any, he burned.

    I said I didn't have any weed. Some girl next to me asked if i said I needed some papers, i said no, i need weed. She sold me some. I had known her for about 4 seconds.

    Then i thought of this idea.
  17. Testament

    Testament Registered+

    dude i don't even remember making that post, i've gotta quit.
  18. tiewredeN

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    Send E-mail

    :thumbsup: Easy found send E-mail

    TO :tiewredeN@weedmail :D :D

    Groetjes uit a,dam
    Greetings from Netherlands a,dam
  19. StOneD.aS.FuK

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    its not what you know. its who you know... :thumbsup:
  20. Myth1184

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    I just look for Random black guy on the street, odds re 99% of the time either He will have Weed..or know where you can get it

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