How to get a thick stem?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by richardskinner, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. richardskinner

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    Ive seen some thick ass stems in these posts, how do you get that even on small plants. mine are always kinda skinny
  2. prettygirlsmokes420

    prettygirlsmokes420 Registered+

    Use the budding bulb on a 24 be schedule for a couple weeks than gradually go back to 18 and 6. My friend has height issues with his room. He wanted to keep his plants short, the stems are super thick nd his plants look like little bushes now.
  3. Purple Daddy

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    They could be stretching due to light issues, also blowing a fan on the plants strengthens the stem and branches. In nature as wind blows plants around tissue breaks then reconstructs itself stronger each time it encounters wind stress.
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  4. CanGroIt

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    LST, Topping and SuperCropping will help your plant(s) build a strong main stalk.... The bigger/thicker your main stalk is, the bigger/thicker your branches will be.... An oscillating fan will help as well....

  5. emilya

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    I think the whole secret here is in the roots. Healthy roots... healthy top. Exceptional root systems allow amazing uptakes of water and nutes into the plant and it is my experience that the better you do in this regard, the thicker the main stalk and stems become.
  6. bobjob4u

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    Male enhancement pills.J/K moving air , good light,good root system, and proper care. When combined you get good results. not a fan of the 24 hour of light.Give atleast 2-4 hour of darkness.What living thing functions properly with no rest? In just isnt natural.
  7. richardskinner

    richardskinner Registered+

    baaaaahhhahahah. i actually laughed out loud. i agree with the light statement.

    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    yep, when you grow a plant your a beginner, when you grow the soil your a master. genetics also play role as well as veg time and space. its easy to get two inch stem oustide, inside will depend on what you have to work with.
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    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    pills, i was going to say stroke it three times a day;)
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  10. richardskinner

    richardskinner Registered+

    if that were the case I'd have a f*ckin tree stump lol!

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