How to get dried out pot moist again?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by inkelf, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. inkelf

    inkelf Registered

    Any suggestions? I've heard you shouldn't place a piece of bread in the baggie to make your dried out weed moist again because of the yeast in the bread. Supposedly the yeast somehow gets into your lungs when you smoke the weed & it harms your cardiovascular system. Now - is this true? And if it is, is there a safe & proven method (slice of apple, etc) for making weed moist again?
  2. gypski

    gypski Registered+

    Depending on how old it is......spray it with luke warm water and moisten it just a tad, and redry it. It worked for me once. :lol5:
  3. Man1fesT

    Man1fesT Registered+

    Put it in a jar with a piece of orange peel over night, the moisture in the peel rehydrates the buds. Don't leave it in too long or it will grow mold and it will spread onto your buds.
  4. waterdog

    waterdog Registered+

    Use tortillas...corn or flour.,.,.they both work great. Just dont leave in to long!
  5. BlewBerry

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    Just a spritz of water and let sit and air dry for a couple hours...should be fine. I never have this problem though, dry bud gets me ripped more.
  6. Nation_1ne

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    It depends why you're making it moist, if it's because you prefer moist bud to smoke then I suggest using water as mentioned above, but I'd use filtered water personally. If you're doing it so you can make a fast buck then I highly suggest you put dog s**t in with it.
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  7. Markass

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    I'd always been convinced that citrus peel was the best way...but it always fucked up the taste/odor of now I just get a bit of TP or paper towel, moisten it and stick it in my jar for an hour or two..or in your case, put it in your baggie and keep it away from your pot and you'll see results..burns a lot slower when it's not mummy dust :)
  8. CashUp

    CashUp Registered

    I thought i was the only one that dried out bud seems to get higher

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