How To Get Pollen Sacs to Open

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by nick19882003, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. nick19882003

    nick19882003 Registered+

    I just got rid of my male plants that were sitting outside for numerous reasons I decided it would definitely be the smartest thing to do.

    But before I got rid of them I clipped a big pollen sac off the top and hung it upside down outside

    Basically I didn't mean to have to post a new thread but if someone could link me to some information on how to get my pollen sacs to open so i can pollinate my females would be GREATLY appreciated :Rasta:
  2. IAmKowalski

    IAmKowalski Registered+

    Leave them on a living plant until they are mature enough to open and THEN cut them off?
  3. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    How do you know when it about to open in order to time it right?
  4. nick19882003

    nick19882003 Registered+

    oh my bad..well I had to put them outside right when i put them into flowering cuz they were male and outside isn't a safe place not that I care about them getting stolen but I run too much of a risk of keeping them out there in the open somewhat so I gave them to someone to make some butter or somethin but no big deal i didn't know it just kinda sucks cuz they were the best bagseed i've had and i wanted to carry it on again but no worries thanks for your help
  5. IAmKowalski

    IAmKowalski Registered+

    You could always dry out the sacks you cut off and then cut them open. Either the pollen is viable or it isn't.
  6. LolaGal

    LolaGal Registered+

    Paper bag it!

    You might get lucky and put the clipping in a paper bag. After drying, the pollen, if any, might be collected from bottom of bag. You can pollinate at any time, hope it works. good luck.
  7. LolaGal

    LolaGal Registered+

    It will pop open on it's own. You will see pollen everywhere. sacs of pollen ripen and will get fat prior to opening.

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