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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Sexynmean, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Sexynmean

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    I was wondering because my whole family is 420 friendly and we smoke like its a holiday everyday. lol. i was wondering what would we need to do to grow 2 pounds of mary jane. do i need lots of plants or a few. how much would we be looking into for the start up. I want to do hydroponic but i just cant get a good figure of what is really needed.
  2. Weezard

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    Star by clicking on the first link in my signature.
    That is our archives. Just about every newbie question is addressed there.

    What you will find, is that your original question is too broad to get a useful answer.
    A Master grower can take 2 pounds from a single plant, but, like D. P. said, "It's complicated" :D
    An excellent grower might get 2 pounds from 8 - 10 medium sized plants.

    A crappy grower like me seldom gets more than 2 ounces per plant.
    Mostly because it's all I need. :)
    I'd suggest that you star with a soil grow before you try to tackle hydro.
    It is much less complicated and risky.
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  3. Dutch Pimp

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    is that 2 pounds; everyday?
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  4. tangentweed

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    No state in the US which has a medical or recreational policy will allow 2lbs of cannabis for an individual.
    Any advice dispensed here to grow that amount would be morally and ethically wrong.. :D
  5. Weezard

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    You forgot to mention conspiracy to commit a felony. :D
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  6. Wagonweed

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    lol these post are clearly nonsense. A person joins a forum and the first thing they ask is how to grow x amount. Just ignore these posts.

    OP how about you read a grow book first before asking an inane question.

    Hey everyone I don't know how to ride a bike yet but how do I do backflips on it?
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  7. Weezard

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    Very carefully. :D
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  8. GaGrown

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    You'd have to be very careful !!!Sup Weezard?
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  9. Weezard

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    Great to see you back! :)
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  10. Sexynmean

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    i ask because i saw a very that a guy did. this forum is for ass holes only i see. i've found my forum thats more welcoming. they are the best. Second i dont care about the law. and if this what you all do it snitch and bitch here im good on that. ignore that.
  11. Wagonweed

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    Ha RIU can be very harsh, good luck.
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  12. quinnbrian

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    That's MR. ASSHOLE...thank you, great forum...move on ...nothing to see here..
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