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How to grow outdoor monster marijuana plant?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by lester, May 3, 2010.

  1. lester

    lester Registered

  2. cronicmonster

    cronicmonster Registered+

    For a plant shaped like that ,genetics.A sativa based plant will more than likely be more upright ,taller instead of wider....Not always the case but most of the time...If planting in a pot ,make sure its a big one.I had an AK47 x Blueberry in a 45 gallon bag that was over 12 feet. Wish the bag would have been bigger.
  3. TurboALLWD

    TurboALLWD Registered+

    Pic's or it didn't happen. lol
  4. krisk1227

    krisk1227 Registered+

    I would start with a good indica and veg it for a few month maybe 3-4 and top it often to get as many colas as possiable. Lots of light to like 18-20 hours a day.then put it out to flower, O and lots of room for roots to grow.
  5. nugrowr

    nugrowr Registered+

    yes i agree.. i hope to have a plant like this soon not exactly the same but a monster :thumbsup: the real key would be to veg the plant and top the plant correctly and grow in gods ground with good amended soil and a nice big hole :) you would need to put it out right about now and let it go with the grow:hippy:
  6. nugrowr

    nugrowr Registered+

  7. Felixthecat

    Felixthecat Registered

    hey that is pretty coo cause it's the same plant hahahaha
  8. XGR33NthumbX

    XGR33NthumbX Registered+

    its the same 2 plants. that pic/movie is 2 plants next 2 each ova.

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