How To Grow Purple Bud?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Thehulkster321, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Thehulkster321

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    how can I grow purple bud?

    Grand Daddy Purps and Purple Erkle are clone only strains and all the other solid purple strans are outdoor. There are a few options like blueberry and some others but they only have a slight tint of purple.

    What strain would possibly cure to look like these buds?

    PURPLE POTThe color of kings can add a royal flush to your herb. ::
    GRAPES OF WRATH From Purple Urkel to Grape Ape to Lavender, violet-colored cannabis varieties have piqued the interest of many ganja growers in the last several years. American seed breeder Subcool investigates the facts and the myths about cannabis

    I have done some searching and I know that you need to drop the temperatures at night to make the buds turn purple but just the fan leaves turn ... in the pictures on hightimes the entire bud was violet. Anyone have any strain suggestions or pictures of solid violet buds they have grow or maybe a link to an article discussing turning your pot purple?
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  2. MaryLane

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    From what I have read, if the leaves are purple, it is because of a N deficiency. That is not desirable. Purple buds are genetic, so you cannot make a plant that isn't genetically programmed to have purple flowers sprout purple flowers.
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  3. Thehulkster321

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    I found another interesting article

    "Other than green, purple is the most common color in living marijuana. Triggered by seasonal temperature changes (just as trees change color in the fall), the vibrant hues of the mature pot plant are also the result of genetics and the creativity of the cultivator or breeder.

    Indoors and outdoors, color can be influenced by deficiencies as well as by temperature. The intense green of chlorophyll usually overpowers other colors, such as red, orange and the coveted purple. Chlorophyll tends to break down late in the season, and a pigment known as anthocyanin is unmasked and allowed to show through.

    For purple color to develop upon maturation, a strain must have the genetic potential to produce anthocyanin pigments. However, the color might never be shown if environmental conditions don’t cause chlorophyll breakdown. Colombian and Hindu Kush strains tend to develop purple coloration when subjected to low night temperatures during the end of their life cycles. Purple Orangutan, originally from Afghanistan with heavy traits of the Hindu Kush, produces some of the darkest purple and blue tones found in any marijuana strain.

    Another pigment called carotenoid is largely responsible for the yellow, orange, red and brown colors of marijuana. These colors begin to show in the leaves and calyxes of certain strains as the green chlorophyll color fades. Gold strains reveal underlying yellow and orange pigments as they mature. Red strains are usually closer to reddish brown in color, though certain carotenoid and anthocyanin pigments are nearly red, and streaks of these colors occasionally appear in the petioles (the slender stems supporting the leaflets) in ripe flowers. The red color in pressed, low-grade tops often consists of masses of reddish-brown dried pistils."
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  4. ismokealldaylong420

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    tempature can make your buds turn purple if its below 60 lots of indicas will turn purple but it will slow down growth but ive heard that it also increases resin production there are also plants that will change color in the heat also
  5. Thehulkster321

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    I also found some possible strain choices

    I am doing an indoor grow and its a sog so short dense plants are ideal ... mainly ones from afgahni heritage.

    I came across

    Mendo Purps

    Purps x Afgahni

    Bluemoon x BOGBubble
    https://www.***** B


    All have afgahni herritage and are short and stout but right now the mendo purps looks like the most purple colored bud but hopefully I can find some pictures of cured bud to compare ... lavender also looked like a good indoor bud becuase I remeber reading an article saying Purple Erkles herritage was believed to have came from Lavender.

    One of these natrually purpling strains combined with enviormental factors needed to produce the purple coloring should give me some nice solid violet buds.
  6. Thehulkster321

    Thehulkster321 Registered+

    Soory didnt realize I couldnt post links to seed banks ... looks like they got bleeped out anyways

    I will edit and provide pictures of the buds in a minute
  7. MaryLane

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    I think this could be a really good thread.

    Is there anyone on this forum who has experimented with using temperature changes to alter color and resin production? I have absolutely no interest in the aesthetics of the plant if it doesn't also improve the effects. However, if a change in color is also associated with an increase in resin production without a decrease in potency, then I would be very interested. Aesthetics are good to have as long as quality is not compromised. Growing purple marijuana that does have any unique or specific effect on the mind, or that is not any more potent than any other "normal" colored strain is asinine in my opinion.
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  8. BlowinDro99.

    BlowinDro99. Registered

    I hear you on that, i got an outdoor grow goin, and i'm breeding Grape Ape, and Cinderella 99, it's gonna my crowning achievement so far, i'm so hig just thinkin about it.
  9. HighTillIDie

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    purple maxx

    it is a product
  10. BlowinDro99.

    BlowinDro99. Registered

    Grape Ape
  11. job1.5

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    i have a white widow pheno that turns purple when the temps say it starts when i have a 20 degree diffrence from the lights on and off.
  12. MaryLane

    MaryLane Registered+

    Have you noticed any increase in resin production, or concentration of THC? Have you got any kind of control group to compare this pheno to?

  13. Thehulkster321

    Thehulkster321 Registered+

    I am interested in resin production but I'll be honest and say that 'm more interested in "looks" ... I have plently of bomb weed so I'm just tryng to grow some stuff no one has ever seen

    I had a zip of purple erkle and my white widow was a way better high but the entire town said the purple buds were 10x better mainly becuase it looked "cool"

    I'll have to look in to the product purple maxx
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  14. Thehulkster321

    Thehulkster321 Registered+


    This product has been in development for over 2 years under the name of STACKER. We discovered a combination of organic compounds that would encourage plants to “stack” their flowering sites closer together, increase resin production and flower size and stimulate extreme crystal development. Early this year we were optimizing a feeding regimen using GRAVITY and STACKER that would lead to even more extreme results when 2 of our beta testers out in the hills reported that STACKER caused their plants to turn dark purple! We decided to rename it PURPLE MAXX. Word spread like wildfire through the hills of Humboldt County and soon we were handing out 50-100 samples a week. Soon people were coming in asking for gallons! Please keep in mind: This is an experimental product that we don’t think is ready for market but due to extreme demand we are releasing it in limited quantities.


    No one should buy this product with the expectation that they will get a drastic color change with one or two applications. That only happens for about 1/4 to 1/3 of our testers when they foliar feed or water with PURPLE MAXX about 3 weeks before finish. Many people claim it doesn’t cause any color change at all. The following directions are presently the latest refinement in the feeding schedule. This product usually causes a massive uptake of nutrients so fertilizer solution should be cut back by about 1/3 (750-900 ppm). (1) If you are close to the end of the flowering cycle it would be best to feed PURPLE MAXX with plain water. Use 1/2 to 1 tsp. of MAXX per gallon of water right up to the end. If you have good air circulation you can spray with 1/2 to 1 tsp/ gallon. Some testers have used a lot more. (2) If you are just starting the bloom cycle, use 1/2 to 1 tsp. per gallon of water and apply about once a week or foliar feed with 2 ml/ gallon (1 tsp/ 2 1/2 gallons of water). If plants show no sign of tip burn, nutrient strength can be increased somewhat. Regardless of color change, almost all testers over the past 2 years have noticed extreme crystallization, increased resin production and larger more massive flowers—especially when used with GRAVITY.


    At this time, hydro is a big unknown. One thing for certain- DO NOT USE AN AERATOR! If using PURPLE MAXX in the reservoir, it should be added the day before a reservoir change. Best is to use the foliar feed method as far into bloom as possible.
  15. Thehulkster321

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    the most important factor of getting purple buds is having a strain that has the purple phenotype ... not any strain can turn purple.

    I'm figuring the best way to get a sold purple bud is to have a good starin to work wth ... erkle, gdp and grape ape are out of the question becuase there clone only but I did find some other great ones.

    Purple Erkle x Spacemoon

    Da Purps from ***** Depot
    Origin Uknown but it was enetered in the 2005 Cannibis Cup and was well taken


    Both strains show good purple coloration but not a solid violet like feated in high times ... I know it can be done I just need to experiment a little. Possible leads are the purple maxx product along with dropping the temperature down to 50 at night and a steady 70 during the day.
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  16. Thehulkster321

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    tell me if the links dont work ... I cant figure out how to post pictures, somebody let me no how
  17. PharmaCan

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    Click "Post Reply".

    Under the dialogue box there is a a green bar that says "Additional Options".

    Under that is a box that says "Attach Files". Click "Manage Attachments".

    The rest is obvious. :thumbsup:

    PC :smokin:
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  18. Chronisseur

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    I've got a wildcard, that just started flowering about 2 1/2 wks ago. Something has been telling me that the purple and pink pistils showing up are a result of not only a big temp drop at night, but a high dosage of superthrive. The superthrive theory is based on a memory of the last plant that got hit with a huge dose, turning purple almost overnight. It may have something to do with ridiculous access to Nitrogen and temp changes but it has had me curious.
  19. Thehulkster321

    Thehulkster321 Registered+

    superthrive ... I'll have to do so,e some more research. To be honest I have no idea what your talkng about mainly becuase im shitfaced but when I sober up I might understandwhat your talking about...
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  20. Chronisseur

    Chronisseur Registered+

    Me neither, really. But if anyone has any insight, I'm all ears:D

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