how to hide the smell of 1 small plant???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mannskee209, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. mannskee209

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    I'm currently growing one plant (first time / trial and error). it's in a homemade stealth pc case hidden under my kitchen sink. I live in a apt so I have to hide the smell. I plan on flowering when she's about 10 to 12 inches ( very small plant). would it be hard to hide the smell of 1 small plant considering it's not being vented out a window ( vented right back into the kitchen under the sink)? this is my main problem. I don't want my plant to get discovered.
  2. budlover13

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    Two words. Carbon scrubber. There are DIY instruction here on the website.
  3. bobjob4u

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    i have found that a topend air purifier with the carbon filters can help in a room of a couple plants. You can get um at home improvment stores.
  4. Rickybudz

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    Thanks, I had that question last week due to my girls smelling up half my house! Do not have funds to buy one, but can fabricate just about anything! Thanks I will search for post!:thumbsup:
  5. cigarettes42

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    consider flowering your plant right away. 10-12 inches in veg will produce a large plant that no pc case will be able to handle.
  6. johard59

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    To control odor HEPA Filter Cartridge are available, or you can prepare your filter by using activated carbon and exhaust fans, the smell can be prevented.
    take a hose from the top of the plant and pass through the carbon gas container which u have mixed with water and pass that through as the smell of the plant will get removed by the exhaust.
  7. mannskee209

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    @ cigaretts42 even if I'm doing a LST grow?
  8. cigarettes42

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    ya im sure that would get crazy in there. ive seen people with these types of grows and they always flower from clone. make sure you have an indica. i have some hybrids and only let them veg for 1.5 weeks and they shot up so high. in a computer case with 12 inches vegged out ready for flowering would make it very tight and less air movement and heat problems.
  9. budlover13

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  10. budlover13

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    I'll second that. I'm on my first grow and asked around about when I should start flowering. Everyone said I would double or triple in flower. I wasn't too sure, but I started flowering 12 days ago @ 15" and I'm already 26" without any stretch.
  11. StickyFingers9

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    for just one, i would think that a purifier with any decent amount of activated carbon could soak up all the smell. i guess there is really only one way to find out, which is to try it, but again it seems like it would work to me (not really speaking from experience, sorry). i was just reading at Hepa Air Purifier Reviews | Find the Right Purifier for You about some carbon systems designed for MCS which is a chemical sensitivity disease that have a bunch of carbon, like 18 lbs in some cases! hope this helps a little. good luck!
  12. silent leprechaun

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    Perhaps ONA gel might do the trick for just one plant. That and a small, plug in, air purifier. Or else just buy lots of masking air fresheners. ONA gel is supposed to be good but I would always go with a good carbon filter. I have 7 plants in week 6-7 of bloom, my extractor pulls the air in the tent through a large CAN9000 carbon filter (scrubber) and I cant smell anything.

    I bought a cheap carbon filter on eBay but I had to get rid of it before I even flowered. You CAN'T beat a good carbon filter. Not a chance.

    Getting back to your grow, how do you expect to grow a plant properly in a PC case ? Even get a 50cm x 50cm x 75cm (high) cardboard box and line it inside to be a grow box. Nobody would suspect a cardboard box. There are many ways to create an inconspicuous grow box. You will have a hard time growing in that little PC case. But I'm interested to see how it goes. It must be like a little bonsai tree :)

    Oh, you can check out my LED grow journal by following this link: LED Logger

    There is an update which talks about the importance of a good carbon filter. I also bought negative ion generators (€30 on eBay) to control the smell when I used the old carbon filter.
    I don't have them turned on any more since I got the CAN9000.

    Good luck and take care
  13. GanjaRobPDX

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    just buy a small carbon filter and fan. set the fan on the filter and pull air through the filter. set the filter near the plant and you're good to go.
    you can also use Ona gel or any other masking products that are far cheaper than filters and fans and will probably manage the smell of one plant.

    hope this helps...
  14. zokkufu

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    I didnt think 1 little plant could smell that much. Carbon scrubber for a single plant? Naw, not worth the cost. I'd give her a bath and make her put on deodorant.
  15. Gatekeeper777

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    you could always vent exhaust into the sink or tub drain just make sure its forced air otherwise the gases from the sewer will flow freely backwards into the apt and kill you.
  16. bigsby

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    No? Then you don't grow much eh? Seriously, one little plant of the right strain can stink out your whole apartment.

    Another solution would be to kill it. Seriously. It's probably not worth the risk if you can't control the odor... sorry to be negative.
  17. fasts102376

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    why even bother if you cant help?

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