How to inhale properly?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by asdfb1999, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. asdfb1999

    asdfb1999 Registered

    How can I inhale properly. I'm not sure if it stays in my mouth or if it actually goes into my lungs.
  2. da5mikeY

    da5mikeY Registered+

    well if you're hitting a pipe, joint, or blunt, you want to hit the weed and then take away the pipe, joint, or blunt and inhale a bit more to get all the smoke down in your lungs
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  3. SparkSomeChange

    SparkSomeChange Registered+

    Take a nice deep breath after your pull, and then another deep breath with your nose. Itll be in there.
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  4. AandS

    AandS Registered+

    ...If you're feeling high, it's going in your lungs.

    The above tips work too. Don't completely fill your breath with just smoke, leave a little bit of room to breath in through your mouth and nose.
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  5. Granger01

    Granger01 Registered+

    pretty much, if your high then your doing it right
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  6. 420_24/7

    420_24/7 Registered+

    i dont even understand this question, inhaling was never a problem for me, i figured its just like breathing
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  7. thechief69

    thechief69 Registered+

    take like 80-90% of the hit, take your lips off the pipe/joint/blunt whatever then suck in a little more. It's really natural I don't see how you could mess up unless you're just putting it in your mouth but then the hits should seem unnaturally small.
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  8. TurnyBright

    TurnyBright Registered+

    if it isnt obvious where the smoke is, then maybe you're hitting the bowl/joint incorrectly to begin with, and there isnt much of any smoke in your mouth OR lungs

    when you hit what you're hitting be sure you have a seal with your lips and a strong inward flow of air

    you should be able to feel the smoke in your mouth and then feel it even more when it enters your lungs, its quite obvious once you know what to feel for

    also, when you exhale you should see a rather thick, consistent "breathload" of smoke, not just a little puff at the beginning of the exhale
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  9. 13Lack

    13Lack Registered+

    I figure the best way to teach someone how to inhale is to tell them to first completely Exhale. Then put the blunt or joint in your mouth and breathe like you normally would filling your lungs with lovely marijuana smoke : )
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  10. Nightrafe

    Nightrafe Registered+

    inhale it till you nearly start coughing, then exhale
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  11. ukmonkey

    ukmonkey Registered+

    ignore people telling you to just take loads in, you'll just splutter it back out because your lungs won't like it. Just take a very small drag followed by a big gasp of air. Hold in for 7 or 8 seconds. Repeat as necessary :hippy:
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  12. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    Suck in air, deep, make sure you hear the noise.
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  13. THC420man

    THC420man Registered+

    Like ppl have said, just take a breath after you are done inhaling from your pipe/joint/blunt.

    Also, the biggest tokes you can manage are not always necessary, if you are alone, you can get extremely blazed by taking in alot of little hits. The length of time you hold the hit in is more important than the size of your hits.
  14. affasd

    affasd Registered+

    breathe in
  15. CheeseOnToast

    CheeseOnToast Registered+

    breathe out, take a drag, and then simultaneously open your mouth a little and breathe in deep through your mouth. Hold it for as long as your comfortable with, then breathe out. you can hold it for longer ( 6 seconds is best ), but if your new to this its best to just keep it for 1-2. And dont worry if you cough, it happens to everyone :p
  16. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    unless you're Bill Clinton, then you 'don't inhale' ... :wtf3:
  17. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    3 Steps...

    1. Put joint in mouth
    2. Toke on joint
    3. Breath in
    4. Get high
    5. Go get munchies
    6. Etc

  18. thedutchmaster83

    thedutchmaster83 Registered

    well when i take a deep breath i feel it in my lungs, and i feel it when i inhale right
  19. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Banned

    if you feel its just sucking and not inhaling, you can suck it in, and then inhale fresh air and the smoke in your mouth goes down also
  20. Rad Plane

    Rad Plane Banned

    :D two words....gravity bong ;)

    Try that if you wanna make sure you inhale :stoned:
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