How to inhale properly?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by asdfb1999, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Zonyc

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    i like to draw smoke into my mouth until its full, and then just take a big breath in. Basically french inhales.
  2. thechief69

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    What I tell people do do their first few time is do inhale then to breath out their nose to insure it is going to their lungs.

    By the way, Zonyc that isn't a French Inhale at all...
  3. worm

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    If only the world were as smart as you... "LOLZ WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOOOOOO!?!???? DO YOU FEEL HIGH I DONT FEEL HIGH!!!"
  4. worm

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    If someone isn't bothering to inhale I usually dont' say anything, I just skip them in the rotation. You're calling everyone else dumb if you think they don't notice you blow out the huge cloud in your mouth and then you exhale a bunch of air. Not only is this lame and annoying, you are also wasting somebody's weed.
  5. randomname4888

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    if it has a carb cover it :thumbsup:
  6. imalwaysbusy

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    The way i smoke a blunt is: I pull from the blunt (make sure you can feel your ribs expanding. Your stomach should not suck in if you're doing it right.) Pull about 80%-90% of the hit then set the blunt to the side and finish filling your lungs. You should be able to close your mouth without smoke blowing anywhere. Exhale. You should be exhaling with a little effort. It shouldn't just barrel out of your mouth like a loaded gun if you inhaled correctly.
  7. CowboyzNut

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    Wow, was I doing this wrong!!!:rolleyes:
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  8. theweedsneeds

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    Come on now is there really a proper way to inhale weed smoke? That's like asking what's the proper way to breath... like nike just smoke it :doublethumbs:
  9. Rockledge

    Rockledge Registered

    I am new here, wanted to respond to this thread even though it is old.

    I am old as well, smoked dope on and off over the years. Doing it every day now.
    I use it now because my body is a mess and I like to stay active, and the pain relief does wonders to help me keep in shape and active, as well as makes me sleep like a baby.

    Here are some of my observations and theories based on my experience:

    Something I am not seeing here is efficiency, as in how to get the most bang for your dope.
    I have spent my life, no matter what my financial situation, being very frugal about everything, pot included.
    My point being that I think there probably are better ways to smoke that not only conserve the medicine, but also to conserve my lung capacity.

    I most often use small pipes. Joints are a waste of pot, even though they taste better (IMO). As much goes into the air as into your body.
    I prefer a small stone one, because the stone seems to me to be more likely to disperse the heat.
    I put a very small amount in the pipe, take small hits ( most often, sometimes I do a whopper).
    I cover the bowl with my thumb while taking a hit so as to keep the smoke in the pipe, and to make it go out.
    I then suck the smoke from the bowl while taking my thumb off.

    I also normally gradually get high, so that I can reach the point where the pain is gone ( I have numerous joint defects and injuries and have had surgeries on my elbows ( which were broth broken in an accident), knees that need replaced ( fuck all that, I am sick of being cut on and fed dangerous drugs by docs), so that I can reach that blissful point of having a comfortable body and maintain that while still being able to function.
    Sometimes I decide to get outright stoned just because I like to, but most often it is simply just til the pain is gone.

    I have a theory that big hits do not really get you that much higher. I also conjecture that taking in air with the smoke may very well make small hits as effective as large ones, in that it seems to me air mixed with the smoke would make the substances in it more likely to move around and make contact with your innards.

    It seems to me that small hits with just a little pot in the pipe are likely far more efficient, and it seems to work for me , as well as makes my stash last for a lot longer period of time than back in the old days when homegrown was everywhere and cheap and wasting it was not a consideration.

    Lets be realistic, your lungs can only absorb what goes into them so quickly, I think it is very possible to draw in so much smoke that you only absorb a small amount of what the smoke contains.

    Again, I can't substantiate any of this other than by my own experience and conjecture.

    I do think there are more efficient ways to smoke it, as far as safer and effective ways. The way I do seems to work very well.

    I suppose how you smoke has more to do with how frugal you are about both your stash and your body.

    Any responses are welcome.
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  10. Rockledge

    Rockledge Registered

    To clarify something, while taking a hit I take most of it in before covering the bowl, and do so while still drawing on it. I don't keep my thumb over the bowl the whole time, just toward the end of the hit.
  11. Buck Rogers420

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    I read a study that said holding a hit 5 the most efficient. Your lungs take 98% of the cannabinoids out of the smoke in that amount of time. :S5:
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  12. Plumber07

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    Take as much smoke into your lungs as you can until you choke. REPEAT! You'll get it but first you need to get really really high. Trust me...
  13. Plumber07

    Plumber07 Registered+

    Only 10? I shoot for 30+ if I really wanna Hyndrix and "'Scuse me while I touch the sky." Life really is good my friend.
  14. Rockledge

    Rockledge Registered

    I wouldn't think taking any kind of smoke into your lungs to the saturation point to be a good thing.
  15. Rockledge

    Rockledge Registered

    Have you got links to further support this? I think this is significant information and if it is true could make breathing easier for a lot of guys who like to hold it in until they turn blue.
    It would be nice to see if someone has done an actual clinical study to see exactly how long it takes the lungs to extract the important cannabanoids.
    In reality, it would probably not be that big of a deal for those with the right test lab, they could simply test a specific volume of smoke, then have someone inhale it, then exhale it and test it again to check the smokes contents and see what is left.
  16. Buck Rogers420

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    I read it in on line High Times Magazine.
    I don't remember who did the study but they tested the smoke being exhaled
    Being held for different derationsand 5 sec.was the most efficient.:pirate:
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  17. Rockledge

    Rockledge Registered

    Thanks for the response.
    I am an old relic from back when the hippies roamed the earth. Back then it was "hold it in until you crave air".
    I'm going to do a little boning up on this. It would be fun to do research on anyway.
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  18. DirtyBlueGene

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    I'm an old relic too, and can recall holding tokes in for as long as possible, way back when. Over time, this bit of excess silliness went away. :D

    Personally, I find five seconds or so to be as effective and more comfortable than holding for longer periods, but I grow my own and never run down to the point where I need to maximize efficiency. ;)
  19. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    Same here. From another relic.:pirate:
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  20. Rockledge

    Rockledge Registered

    I've a friend who is going on 80, a little old guy ( who is a killer guitarist, the dude still goes out and does a gig now and then). This guy cracks me up because he will take a huge hit, turn blue in the face, then bend over and walk across the room like Groucho Marx choking on the smoke all red in the face.

    I probably hold it in longer than necessary, but I smoke every day because of joint problems ( and the fact that I have a lot of friends who smoke and damned if all of them aren't in far better shape than most non-smokers I know, I suspect because the reefer keeps their pain levels down which inspires them to be up doing things and active) and I am concerned about my lungs.
    Last night I altered how I do, keeping it in for seconds instead of until my body says I need a blast of O2 is likely not necessary and last night I kept it in for seconds rather than minutes and there seemed to be no difference in the outcome, so it would seem at least in my observation that less than ten seconds is sufficient.
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