how to kill thrips

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by stacksmasher, Jul 28, 2006.

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    can anyone give me advice on how to kill thrips thanks
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  3. skitzofrantic

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    lady bugs, Peices of garlic ontop of the soil, good luck
  4. cigarettes42

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    I used foxfarm don't bug me. It works great and you can use it 2 weeks before harvest. But anything with pyrithium will work
  5. CovertCarpenter

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    I had to use a two-pronged approach to get 'em under control...

    ...under the soil... Vectobac to the rescue! See the April 26 post on my sadly-not-yet-updated log for more info, but working fairly fast up to concentrations of 20ml/l (starting with 20ml/4l(1ga), it seemed to put em down.

    But then my friend stra8outtaweed suggested a foliar spray of DutchM4st3r P3n3tr4t0r coupled with Neem oil. I took his advice, and used a low-PPM carbonated mineral water spray/mist as the delivery method...

    And if I may git a lil' biblical...

    "And LO, there came the mass Exodus from the enchanted soil and nourishing roots of the garden, for the young ones were dying of an unknown (but organic!) plague, and there was much lamenting as the Ensconced Bugs made their way out into the Desert of the White Plastic and No Sustenance.

    This, after surviving the fall from the Tinfoil Ledge of Doom, which no stalwart could climb upwards thereof again... for it cantedeth at a wicked upsidedown angle...

    And so, the Once Ensconced Bugs did twitter and mill about, but, finding no Roots of Nourishment, died a pitiless death under the relentless and efficient heat of a 600w Sunbl4st3r HPS bulb. Under an orange and contemptuous sky did they die.

    And for a while, were even hunted by a humongous and evil Eight Legged Perilous Maunstauh, tho in the end the Maunstauh, too succumbed to the pitiless heat of the contemptuous orange sky...

    But yet! There was hope! For the Fliers amongst the Once Ensconced Bugs (once mistaken for the Evil Fruit Flies by Gh0d, before He realized his Error) could fly from tree to tree, and leaf to eat, and hide amongst the foliage for relief from the relentless sun.

    And tho the nourishment of the leaf was not that of the root, for a while the Fliers did prosper (but died, many of them against the 600w Sunbl4st3r HPS sun that they sometimes felt compelled to fly upwards into)...for they hid, and hid, and ate more sparingly, knowing Gh0d did not esteem their presence in His Garden.

    But then the Rains of Death came; and the trees seemed to draw a ferocious strength from them, tho the oils that came from the contemptuous sky made the foliage untasty...

    And so, there was another Exodus. Most flew into the sun. Some crawled and milled about, lamenting their condition, until they too died a pitiless death amongst the White Plastic.

    Some rare few crawled miraculously out of the Desert of No Sustenance, and found an exit to other Dimensions of Extreme Oddity, but dey bee-yotches got stawmped awn...

    And then did Gh0d smile...

    For the Once-Ensconced Bugs, the hated blight upon the garden, were no more."

    Ahh. Preach mode off.
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    LOL!!! :D

    I'm gonna do the same thing to wreck the thrips and mites that are on the wife's houseplants.

    Diatomaceous Earth (insect dust) sprinkled on the soil to grind them up as they pop in and out of the soil.

    And FF Don't bug me spray for the foliage. I've been treating with Neem for the mites already, but the thrips don't seem to mind it so much.
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