How to know if bud is laced

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by classictoke, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. classictoke

    classictoke Registered

    im just wondering
  2. mulltie

    mulltie Banned

    you get wayyyyy far to fucked up the buzz will be completly different and u may spazz out
  3. intrepidus6

    intrepidus6 Banned

    I think he/she is wanting to know how to tell before you actualy smoke it.
  4. classictoke

    classictoke Registered

    well i got some bud the other day and i was tripping out hard i had some really trippy visuals. i was in a car and i lost track of time and i didnt know were i was have the time and i could imagine something and i would see it.....but i asked my dealer he said it was just really dank bud.
  5. classictoke

    classictoke Registered

    yea i want to know if before i smoke it
    im a he
  6. onelife

    onelife Registered

    you never know these days what get sprayed on em

    the only way is to trust your dealer which is often hard
  7. JibNasty

    JibNasty Registered+

    The easiest way, is know your dealer. Lacing weed is soo rare, that i wouldnt worry about your concern. The only worrysome one is crystal meth, but only worry about that if the dealer you buy from sells meth. They do that to get you addicted and then you keep comin back without knowin how the fuck you got addicted in the first place. Other then that honestly laced weed is really non-existant. If you think about it why would someone want to give you free drugs. That cost them money. I wouldnt id save that shit for myself. Or if i did id let them know up front. Keep your mind at ease though my man, its shit that if your askin the question you almost DONT really have to worry about it. adios :Rasta:

    90% of the time when people think their weed is laced they just found some good bud and arent used to it. You'd be surprised at the number of people who have smoked for awhile without TRULY hitting their peak.
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  8. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    what do yoou mean by hitting their peak

    by the way i hate the is it laced question. first of all if you only smoke laced weed once its not like your gonna die. and if you feel funny when you smoke it just beat his ass
  9. JibNasty

    JibNasty Registered+

    Reaching or "hitting" your peak...I referring to the point of where your body can only get so high. You eventually get to that point and smoking after that is just to maintain that level of high. Just like with alcohol, except your peak with that is a little harder to reach, and borders with death so not quite so cool. But anyway thats what reaching your peak mean...:Rasta:
  10. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    oh i dont think ive ever done that. next time i smoke (which wont be for a loooong time because im tested all year starting today) im gonna get like half o or something and just smoke till i cant smoke no more
  11. AlwaysBlazed

    AlwaysBlazed Guest

    This dealer I know puts coke on his weed to attract customers, thats why I don't buy from him.
  12. cuziwashigh420

    cuziwashigh420 Registered+

    if it fucks u up more than normal...
  13. cuziwashigh420

    cuziwashigh420 Registered+

    i love when that happens. Snow capping is okay every once in a while..
  14. yabatab

    yabatab Registered+

    A lot of this weed being laced is in peoples heads for one thing
    adding a drug to weed is going to cost money and why would
    someone take a loss and put something on your weed.

    I really think some people just get really blazed and get it in their
    head that their weed was laced. And this is another topic that has
    been discussed over and over again on this forum.

    In my 14 years of smoking I have never bought any laced weed the
    only laced weed I have smoked was the shit I laced myself.
  15. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    ^^^ what he said - in 25 years of smoking I have only come across laced weed (that I didnt put something on) one time, and it was about 2x the price
  16. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    The higher price of the weed would be a good indication. Contrary to scared church moms, dealers don't lace shit for free.
  17. sweetnhighz

    sweetnhighz Registered+

    if yo mouf turns numb after a hit, its laced, bwahahahaha
  18. JMRinFLA

    JMRinFLA Registered+

    True. Laced weed is rare. Think about it, if a dealer wants to maximize his profits then he'll use fillers that don't cost anything. The girl that does my massages showed me an eighth she bought the other day and it was basically a bag of seeds and ground up leaves with a little bud. A total rip-off.

    If he's trying to get you off so you'll come back, then he's probably going to just make sure he gives you an honest weight of his best shit. Good dealers know what can happen if they fuck the wrong person and are usually careful.
  19. cambam

    cambam Registered+

    Amen to that sir. I went by for months smoking, just getting nice and chilled, until one day I suddenly experienced the true power of Mary J. It was awesome. I have only reached that stage twice in the 10 months I have smoked it.

    Why? I hear you ask.

    Well, I smoke weed to relax and chill. I don't do it to get wasted, plus I don't spend as much.

    Although, I must say, my pet peeve is smoking friends out, and they never reeturn the favour, so maybe thats why I don't smoke more of it.
  20. hipEstoner

    hipEstoner Registered+

    i got bud the other day that was laced with meth
    ,,, it had a white coating over some of the bud and i licked the bud and it tasted like meth,, i scraped some of it off, lol, and i put it on my tounge and i only tasted that chemical taste for like 10 seconds, ,, but i didnt throw it away tho, i jus let the dude know i knew it was laced, and i smoked it all, fucked me up tho
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