How To LEGALLY Distribute Medical Marijuana in Canada?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Bongoman420, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Hi :]. I currently live in southern Ontario, Canada. I'm looking at the possibility of getting into producing medical marijuana. After applying and getting all the licensing and all that stuff, from the research that I have done, and I might be wrong in saying this, but you have to have customers/consumers ready before you begin? Also from this website: Medical Marijuana | Grow Marijuana Legally I am not certain if it means that you can only have 2-4 customers, or if it's just 2-4 customers per household and there isn't necessarily a 'limit' to how many customers I can have?

    Even if that was the case, having 4 people at 1-3 grams a day doesn't seem too horrible but if there was a way to get more that would be so much better. And when are you 'allowed' to start growing? After you receive your licence? After you receive conformation for a first customer? It's going to take several weeks if not a few months to get your first plants up and running so it would be helpful to know when it's actually legal to start the process.

    One of the things that I am looking at, is how am I supposed to get 'word around' that I would be starting to grow medical marijuana? Is it possible to sell to a legal 'middle man' who would in turn sell it to the consumer? If there was someway I could distribute it to somebody else who has a more intake of people that would be extremely helpful. Another question on this topic is is it legal to find somebody on forums such as this to sell to who might live hundreds if not thousands of miles away?

    I have had some experience growing, and would be very interested in pursuing this further if there was some legal way to sell to people. This interests me greatly, but the biggest problem assuming that I could get a license and all, is finding the actual people who need this herb. Or is it even possible to contact a dispensary and try to become a supplier to them?

    I have tried to research some of these questions for myself, but have not been able to find much information after the actual growing process.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give :]
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    You need to be a licensed designated grower before you can start growing and have a patient under your “care”…. You also have to have a clean record going 10yrs back…

    First step is to find someone with a MMA card, then you fill out the forms, and they fill out the forms…s…..then you wait…and wait…and wait…8-10 weeks…..

    Finally once you get your licence you can actually grow….DO NOT START GROWING BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PAPERWORK…..if the cops show up at your door you HAVE to be able to produce your paperwork….

    1g/day = 5 plants
    2 = 10

    This is TOTAL # of plants…veg, clones,budding, etc…..
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    So you're saying that after I receive my license, I then have to find a patient BEFORE I start growing, or could I start after I have my license but before I have a patient so I could start shipping them MM right away?

    You also say that I have to find somebody with a MMA card? Not sure what that is, but I've looked on websites such as this one: Medical Marijuana | Apply Now where it says that I can apply just via online and they'll get back to me *hopefully* within 10 weeks or so.

    I understand the number of plants/clones/seeds and all that stuff, but is it also possible to get multiple licenses? On the same link above it also says:
    On any license your allowed 2 patients with a maximum of 4 if both of the 2 have 2 other people living with them. But does this mean it is possible to have multiple licenses? Can you just apply for multiple at the same time? How often/how do you renew your license?

    One last thing is finding the people with medical licenses to purchase MM. Is it legal to find somebody say via these types of forums? Whats the process like trying to get a customer?

    Thank you again :]
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    You need to find someone who can legally use marijuana first.
    Then you need to both fill our form D.
    Form D: Application for Licence to Produce Marihuana by a Designated Person - Medical Use of Marihuana - Health Canada

    You cannot start growing until you get your cannot sell/give any pot to anyone but your designated mma patient.

    I think you can grow for up to 4 people...but I could be wrong on that one, I never really looked into this too closely.

    It doesn't matter how you find you medical user, as long as they have their license....Just make sure they have a VALID licence.... The old "I thought he had his licence" doesnt fly in court.....

    Oh and you need to have a clean record for 10yrs....
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    Forget patients, sell to places that sell to patients like a pharmacy or compassion centre, they'll pay top dollar and they'll buy bulk

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