How to lower your tolerance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by aparadis, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. aparadis

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    1. Drink booze before you smoke
    2. Smoke after you exercise or are worn out/tired
    3. Smoke right after you wake up
    4. Take a break
    5. Smoke before you eat not after, eating draws more blood to your stomach
    6. Drink lots of water to increase your metabolism
    7. Switch from sativa to indica, methods of smoking, us a vaporizer... just mix it up
    8. If you normally smoke slowly, take huge fast bong hits
    9. Lay off the munchies untill an hour and a half after you smoke
    10. Drink booze after you smoke

    If anyone has more ideas or better ones, post them up for people to try. :pimp:
    I have tried all these things at different times, some together, and it has helped me. Let me know if any work for you too.l
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  2. Polymirize

    Polymirize Registered+

    1 and 10 just sound like getting drunk to me. Although I do love a good alcoholic high. All the benefits of being drunk, none of the unpleasant side effects...

    And 9... I suppose it might be sound theory... but in practice?

    that totally reminds me that I have blueberry scones in the kitchen...
  3. STDzRus

    STDzRus Registered+

    How about you just don't smoke...?
  4. gee

    gee Registered+

    How about you read what this thread is about asshat?
  5. STDzRus

    STDzRus Registered+

    How about I did. And how about you just don't smoke...

    Don't start with the name calling, internet shit is just shit.
  6. GiveMeThatBuzz87

    GiveMeThatBuzz87 Registered+

    lol #6 is dumb to say...since ur metabolism breaks down thc...and cleans it out of ur system so drinking water increasing ur meta would make u get less high? or something i think since if u have a fast metabolism thc gets out of ur system faster..(drug testing ect...drink water to pass one fast meta mean u have can pass test meh)
  7. kongo

    kongo Registered+

    not very clever huh!
  8. aparadis

    aparadis Registered+

    I'm just saying stuff that I've tried and has worked for me, I mix a few shots of rum in my coke sometimes before I smoke. Not even enough to get me drunk, but it brings down that "breaking point" for me to get stoned.
  9. GiveMeThatBuzz87

    GiveMeThatBuzz87 Registered+

    haha ur so funny when u drink and smoke everything gets alot more u saying i take a shot of rum brings down the breaking point i think its funny..:) and why dont u just smoke weed...ive been smoke for 3 years i smoke a half in a day and a half...i still get high off of a joint or a little a huge and heavy smoker so i have no clue why u made this post.
  10. daves19

    daves19 Registered+

    well there is no high better than 2 canadian beer and a joint shared with somebody ( only one) else! my theory!
  11. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    i think drinking getrs u higher cuz, by the time u smoke ur already relaxed from the alc, and as for ur tolerance going down, STD is right time is going to play the biggest factor, and all that other shit just reduces the time needed~
  12. Shai Hulud

    Shai Hulud Registered+

    11. Mix with a little opium.
    12. Have a bad trip on some shrooms. This will shatter your mind and make you get high off tiny amounts of weed. I wouldn't really recommend this though because there are other negative consequences. But it does lower your tolerance.
  13. daves19

    daves19 Registered+

    How fucking true this post was...i was hallucinating in my shower on pot after a badtrip on shrooms, it was unpleasent at the time because i didn't expected that!...thanks shai!
  14. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    r u guys serious? i never knew that! time for a lil mind shattering! :dance:
  15. Shai Hulud

    Shai Hulud Registered+

    I think use of hallucinogens in general can lower your tolerance. My girlfriend had a good trip and her tolerance has decreased, though not as much as mine has. You might try using some shrooms, but don't intentionally give yourself a bad trip. It's not worth it.
  16. 50BagOfGreens

    50BagOfGreens Registered+

    i see shit. i see shit everytime i smoke. SCARY SHIT MAN.:eek:
  17. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    hahaha, reading this using a friend of mine's voice in my head, just sounded too funny....

    "I see shit man, I see weird shit all the time" this was his line when high in the car as we drove about... and he would see so many people on the side of the road every single night

    and for OP

    I would say u can use a steamroller as well,
    same technical explanation for a bong... jut lets u get giant hits... essentially a chambered (usually longer looking) pipe
    I have figured on experience that THE MOST EFFICIENT way of lowering your tolerance in relation to percentage of improvement and time taken for improvement is to fast for just a day or two...

    just eat as much as "needed" only and skip all extra food intake u can skip... meanin no snacks nor large meals... u know, u gotta know how and be able to fast... u will have to feel the hunger a lil mayyyn

    and also no intoxications during this time, no intoxications of ANY kind... just go fasting on food and 150% sober for 24-48 hours

    I would say depending on your body and metabolism and also level of dependence felt prior, u must have over 40-50% recovery of tolerance, meaning the high would be 40-50% more intense than when u smoked with tolerance

    this is just out of my own personal experience and may not be worth it for others but to me it works and worths!!!!

    2 day of low food intake + soberness is way better than poppin some shrooms, perhaps risk a bad trip -and stomach problems if u cant get the right stuff or if u have sensitive stomach- go brain fried for the next 3 days after it, just so u can get your smoking tolerance lowered quickly... haha

    "While most users are familiar with varying potencies of marijuana, many are only vaguely aware of differences in the efficiency of various ways to smoke it. Clinical studies indicate that only 10 to 20% of the available THC is transferred from a joint cigarette to the body. A pipe is better, allowing for 45% of the available THC to be consumed. A bong is a very efficient delivery system for marijuana; in ideal conditions the only THC lost is in the exhaled smoke."
    source: Marijuana and the Brain, Part II: The Tolerance Factor
  18. Lilmateki

    Lilmateki Registered

    Ey dnt fuck around lik that
  19. EciRonTog

    EciRonTog Registered+

    I don't know that this directly relates to lowering tolerance but I've found that a nice long hot shower really makes the smoking experience better. The hot steam really helps my lungs feel great which allows me to take fatter and more frequent bong tokes.
  20. winniedapoo

    winniedapoo Registered

    The taking one shot thing really works
    I smoke weed only too just like the other guy but in the last year ive had
    4 shots of vodka to start a smoke session because I knew I waste tones of weed to get past the weed to blood ratio needed for me to get high.

    The best way I find is to do all of these things
    quite for 10 days
    exercise a lot
    drink water to Lower the thc level and lower tolerance
    And change weed, even if its changeing from one brick to another brick guy
    smoke out of something different.
    and instead of slow burning like we all do after awhile of being stoners
    "Toke, toke it up man" role a blunt and toke it up.

    THE #1 answer for a today thing would be
    change the way you smoke it, GO BUY A BLUNT!

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