how to make a Poor mans CO2

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Gatekeeper777, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Gatekeeper777

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    Its very easy. It will run 24/7 but will need a little maintanance.

    You will need a one gallon milk jug.
    Fill it 3/4 way with warm NOT HOT OR COLD water.
    2 cups pure sugar
    1 pack dry yeast(anykind of yeast that still works)
    add the sugar and shake to mix it up.
    Then add yeast to mix in and skake for a few seconds.
    set the milk jusg above your plants
    the yeast will produce CO2 and it will overflow the milk jug and shower down on your plants.
    About every 3 days you will need to take out 1/2 the water and replace it and add one cup of sugar.
    NO NEED TO REPLACE THE YEAST. They replace themselves.

    Its that easy.
    *Note* It may smell al little so an air freshner may be needes but not always.
  2. Greenthing

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    Or if you like wine make it in your grow space, it has the same end result.:)
  3. XmaxxX

    XmaxxX Registered+

    thanks for the idea man!

    Yeah some expensive wine will sure make my girls happy haha
  4. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    CO2 is heavier then O2 so it will be ike submerging them in a pond of CO2.
  5. LolaGal

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    I heard keeping a rabbit in the grow room does the same thing.....might be a good idea to keep in a cage lol.............
  6. the image reaper

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    I always wanted to put the 'Swedish Bikini Team' into the grow-room, and instruct them to breathe deeply ... deep breaths, girls, all together now :thumbsup::jointsmile:
  7. Baka123

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    I did this with a bucket and aquarium tube coming out with a T section over each plant. It's my first grow so I really couldn't say if it made a difference. Everything I have read says it did. Remember that light kills yeast and if you don't add fresh sugar water every so often too much alcohol will build up, killing the yeast.
  8. bloodbrother

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    ya i dont think you need to replace every 3 days with new water and sugar... and if using a pop bottle drill a hole in the lid attatch tubing and put it in lid seal with gum or some sort of sealent and lead the tube infront of oscillating fan or even just up the middle of growroom so it can disperse the best
  9. stinkybudz

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    how do you get rid of water but not yeast?
  10. bloodbrother

    bloodbrother Registered+

    well give it a good shake so the concentration of yeast is dispersed evenly pour out some of the liquid refill with water add sugar tada

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