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    I have been doing some very extensive personal research on cannabis. Something that intrested me a lot was the THC extraction methods that are scatter around the internet. Many of them have conflicting procedures. So i decide to write up my own. I will be extracting the thc using Master Wu's Method. If you need info on how to make this please refer to Master Wu's Method first. This will be more of a what i did thing. This is also my first post. I love this site.


    I started with a little under 1/2 a oz

    Ground it up really nice and fine.

    This is how much i had after grinding.

    spread it on a baking sheet

    Now here is the tricky part. What you want to do is heat up the cannabis so that it converts the thca to thc, but so hot that the thc vaporizes and is lost in the air. this is a mistake i made on a previous attempt. Do NOT leave it in the oven until you can smell the thc really bad.
    This time i took a pinch of bud, placed it on so tinfoil, put it in the oven at 300 degrees, and did the almighty sniff test. Once you can start to smell the vaporized thc, take it out. Now repeat this with the large amount of bud.

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    Set up your pans like so, water in the big pot, everclear in the small one.

    Heat it up until the alcohol has a slow boil.

    Place buds in alcohol.

    I slowly stirred it. i do n0t know whether it helps or not.

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    I am a heavy smoker, so i will not be trying this until this weekend. i will post the results, i promise. I personally hate getting to the end of a post and the op didn't follow up on what happened
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    Its either going to be madness or really bad...but looking forward to your results regardless :D
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    Thank you, the last time i made it, it got me high but not as high as i should have been. Definitely a different high than smoking.
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    You're doing it wrong

    There is no need to heat the cannabis if it's properly dried, you are just losing some of the good stuff to the air if you heat it to 300.
    All the good stuff is gone by about 375.
    All you need to do is get a glass jar and add the alcohol, add the cannabis, in a pot of water heat the alcohol in the jar to 140 and let it simmer for 20 minutes and then put it away in a dark place leaving it alone for 2-3 weeks.

    There is a great FAQ for green dragon here, follow it and you'll be fine.
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    From what I have found the letting it sit step is not need when you cook it on the stove. The heat is putting the chemical process in overdrive. Also i could not heat the liquid mix to 300 without boiling off too much of the alcohol. The THCA must convert to THC to be effective. Ive based this on several different source all over the net. as i said they all have conflicting procedures.
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    THC will separate from the plant at 149 C, Alcohol boils at 78 C. That is not to mention i want all the cannabinoid is the tincture other than thc. CBD vaporizes at 206 and CBN at 212. Its not easy to reach those temps in a water bath so you must heat it prior to putting it in the alcohol. If this is incorrect please let me know as it is the best way i can learn more.
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    I decided to try some last night. I put 1/2 a teaspoon in a glass of juice at 9:30pm. I did not feel any effects until 10:35. I was laying in bed, my whole body was very warm feeling and heavy. when i closed my eyes i could see a very vivid movie playing but it was really random. At one point i saw some kind of mechanical device. It was square with gears, wires, and springs. it floated in the air and separated, like in a exploded diagram of something. i could clearly see each part which is very unusual for me. Its really hard to describe. I dont know how long it would have lasted, since i feel asleep. when i awoke i could still feel it. not as intense but definitely still there.
    I have been smoking 4-6 times a day for the past 2 months, so i would think my tolerance is high and thus affected the results. I will go without smoking for a couple days then drink some more.
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    Welcome to the dark side.
    Sounds like your doing it right. Here are some pointers I have come up with through research and experimentation.
    Do not consume too often, this will raise your tolerance after a single large dose, better to wait 5-7 days between uses.

    I don't know how much you had to eat before consumption the night you experimented, but the more food in your stomach the more diluted the dose.

    This makes for a great wake and bake when your stomach is empty or if you are going to use it at night, try not to eat for 4-6hrs before consumption.

    The time frame of feeling the effects is about the norm, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer. Next time wait an hour then smoke a bowl or small joint, you will really enjoy it.
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    Thank you for the pointers. Would you happen to know if smoking through out the week and ingesting on the weekends would be ok, or would it just be raising my tolerance even higher.
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    Also, has anyone seen "run from the cure, the rick simpson story". I'm very interested in increasing the potency of my tincture and using it for its health benefits. If you have not seen that movie please watch it here, YouTube - RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version
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    Best guess is that as long as you don't over do it smoking during the week won't change your tolerance that much, but it is really all relative to how much you smoke. I can say that when I have tried tincture 2 days in a row the 2nd day was never as good as the first.

    I have seen "run from the cure, the rick simpson story", pretty amazing stuff. I only did this once on the 1st tincture I ever made. It was with mids. I put about 2grams of dried bud in a 50ml bottle of 40% vodka and let it sit 30 days.
    Then I got an empty 50ml bottle and put 2 dried grams of weed in that and poured the tincture into that bottle by placing a tea strainer in a small funnel.
    Waited 30 days and repeated one more time. It was very strong and I would like to try it some time using higher end weed, 190, and waiting maybe 45 days between batches. If you buy weed on a regular basis this isn't terribly expensive to experiment with. 2 grams a month. Just a thought.

    As for heating/drying the weed I have never been sure if it takes heat or just complete dehydration to convert all the chemicals in the plant to good stuff. I have gotten in the habit of breaking up a couple of grams worth of weed and letting it sit in a bowl in my cupboard for a while to dry until it crumbles into almost powder. Seems to work just as well. the other option is break it up, wrap it in paper or foil and set it on the dashboard of your car with the car facing south for a few days. Leaves a wonderful aroma in your vehicle, but it blows right out if you ride with the windows down becuse there was no smoke involved. Again, if you experiment in lots of 2-4 grams it isn't that expensive.

    Let us know how your little project works out
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    Well, ive been trying to not smoke at all, so i can get the best results from the tincture. Its just really hard. I smoked the last of the bud i had on hand, so i'm going to try and refrain from buying more until after i try the drink.

    As far as the heating goes. It is not a necessity but, it makes the final product a lot better.
    When you dont heat it up, you are extracting thca which is still psychoactive but not as much as thc. I will take your advice and conduct some mini experiments. then i could get a definitive answer on subject
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    I poured all of what i had left in some koolaid. Ive never been higher. My wife just came out of the bathroom from projectile vomiting. she rarely smokes and i gave her a very small amount of tincture, maybe 1/2 tsp. she said it was all liquid. Let that be a lesson to do it on a full stomach, I ate and drank 5 times as much as her and im fine. the affects wont be as intense but it will last longer. I just drank more. I would really like to see where my mind will go with this. Im remembering things i never really did before. its really quite amazing. Im going to lay down and enjoy this.:glugglug:
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    Whoa there! Where did you get these figures for CBD and CBN? I have been trying to make a tincture that is high in CBDs and low in THC, relatively, and that has meant non-heating methods, so as to NOT decarboxylate the THCA. But if your number are correct, I could get my desired result by heating it to a temp just over where the THC will burn off, and still leave me with the CBDs! This would be awesome for those of us who don't want to get high, but really want the pain relief from the CBDs. This seems too good to be true. Are you sure about these evaporation points? Can you cite a source? Oh, I'm so EXCITED!! Do tell!
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    Vaporization Points THC, CBD, CBN

    I was able to find flash points for THC, CBD, and CBN at Vaporizer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    If you click on superscripts 6, 7, and 8, you will be directed to ChemSpider's checmical information pages to the prospective cannabinoids.

    I hope this helps.
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    The trouble is, by the time you got to this point, you would probably be left with a thick, sticky mass, as all the alcohol would have boiled off. You would need to use a solvent that boiled off between 149 and 206 degrees. I don't know what this would be.
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    Some of us are very resistant to the oral route for cannabis medibles. But I was given some good advice about making edibles including tictures that seems to work well. If you use soy lecithin in your canna butter, oil based, baked products, it will improve the effective ability of all the cannibinoids. There is most diffinently a beneficial effect to medibles when you either toast the cannabis or cook it into your product. Look online about juiceing raw cannabis as it is supposed to just about eliminate the thc while allowing much more cbns into our systems. More Rx less high, really is important for the high pain patients.
    Master Wo receipe is very effective for alcohol, but for my taste there is just too much taste. New technique: Frozen Everclear + frozen bud (use the good stuff) and more time than you want to wait, yes that's the bad news, the good news? While being frozen the water soluable chloraphil and some of the terpines can't be desolved, the resins just slowly disolve into the still active alcohols. You get a very clear light green mild tasting kick ass tincture. Again this tincture must have the bud toasted first too. Got a small crock pot? Pour in pure vegatable gylcerine add your toasted bud heat low 180F or so for 8hrs filter and sweet goodness! Adding kief to receipes is very easy and effective. Check out the threads on this site! WAY COOL

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