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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by tweedie, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. tweedie

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    Hi guys. Can anyone tell me how to make cannabis cakes, I,m very new to this sort of thing. and as I dont smoke this is the only way I can use it,and will it really get rid of pain?. Thanks tweedie
  2. starfish

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    have u tried a vapourizer,theyre smoke free and work well
  3. Loz

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    It's soo easy i made some yesterday afternoon hahaha.

    What i did was i made fairy cakes (which is soo easy to make) once i had all the mixture in the bowl i grinded up my weed and then sprinkled it into the mix and then mixed it all up. Once i finished doing that then i just put all the mixture into little cup cake cases and then bunged it into the oven and let it bake for about 20-25 mins. Hope that helps :)
  4. Lez325

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    I bet it does help :dance: :dance: :dance:

    Les :thumbsup:
  5. teknonra

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    just go to your nearestsupermarket an' buy one of those boxed cake mixes, cup cake type or big round type usually got bob the builder or disney stuff on it ain't gonna cost more than £1.50 ish. just add milk and an egg follow the simple instructions on the packet then add your 'erb, mix it up bish bash bosh!!! twenty mins later 'erb cakes!!!
  6. MetamorphosisBeyond

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    These baby's are worth the wait & they're sooo easy

    Hey, I highly recommend Cadbury's Double Chocolate Muffin Mix as your main ingredient DO NOT USE INFERIOUR MUFFIN/CAKE MIXES IT’S NOT WORTH YOUR HASH! The rule of thumb is 1 spliff's worth between four muffins/or four people. If its solids then heat and use a tea strainer to grate and if its hash then rub til fine mix it all in shove in oven wait 8 mins or whatever it says on the box and if in doubt only eat half, wait 40mins then if nothing eat the rest. People have lost days through this recipe! Want any other info just email me: or check out the site at
    Best wishes
  7. 852741252369

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    I've always thought brownie mix to be a good one to use.

    I've found one box from sainbury's plus egg, water and a little oil (read the instructions...), and I use about an 1/8 to one box but be warned, they're f'ing strong and lasts abotu 4 hours of intense effects.

    I'd say a good measure would be a 1/16 to one box if you're not a regular to the greenery...

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