How to Make Female Seeds

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by GP73LPC, Apr 30, 2010.

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    first off, i am a former grower who just joined up here. i did not author this but i used to use this method and it works...

    thought i would share since i could not find this info when searching here. if it has already been posted forgive me but i couldn't find it...

    The mix is called STS (Silver Thiosulfate Solution) :thumbsup:

    420 Magazine - View Single Post - Any1 know how to change a male plant to female?

    :thumbsup: :smokin:
  2. GP73LPC

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    76 views and no replies... :(

    oh well, it does work. just thought i would post it here for some to try :thumbsup:
  3. Rusty Trichome

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    you can add a couple of uncoated aspirin to a quart of water. A couple or few applications during normal watering schedule, and you'll get the nanners.

    you can take one female out of her flowering closet a few nights in a row. Put her under a couple of CFL's for 15 minutes a night, returning her to her flower closet in the morning. Nanners will form. I use this technique most often. No worries about smoking additional residue.

    I'm not a big fan of those extremely invasive methods of stressing the ladies, and it renders the plant potentially toxic for smoking. I've never seen a study that has tested the effects of smoking steroids, hormones or gibberellins, or their respective vapors, but would not take the use of these chemicals/hormones/steroids on our smokables, lightly.
    Since rarely does someone cull the pollen donor, (the one that has been poisoned) it's usually just smoked or sold. (dispensaries)

    Gibberellins and heavy metals just shouldn't be smoked and really have no place in a medical-users stash box. Especially if drug interractions are a concern, as some of us are on a variety of medications and treatments.

    Doubtful it's doing cannabis genetics any favors, either.
    (Don't fem a femmed lady. Mutants are possible, if not likely.)
  4. GP73LPC

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    i've never smoked one of the plants i sprayed with the STS. always just used it for see making..

    thanks for the other tips... :thumbsup:
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    Ya Rusty, I wouldn't smoke anything I put that kind of garbage on, much less a male, it just doesn't get that good. So if it goes male it is trash.

    I will try that aspirin process on that one I cannot get to produce banannas. I have 4 crosses from that herm plant, so do have some new stuff to test out in the meantime.

    Very interesting topic tho. One sure can come up with some neat crosses.

    I prefer to gather my pollen by getting the nanners just before the open, and I have these little plastic containers with slip lids. Put them in there and they open and the pollen stays put. When I want to breed a plant I just shake the little container, get the dust on the clear lid and then settle that down over the bud I am breeding, smush it around so the pollen is stuck on, mark the bud and forget it. Seems to not effect any others yet.
  6. Rusty Trichome

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    Uncoated and made from this active ingredient:
    Salicylic acid
    (may as well learn a little about while you're there, lol)

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