How to make plain ol' perfect working firecrackers

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Pride, Oct 18, 2006.

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    I did this and it worked like a motherfucker.
    It's simply the way you SHOULD be making firecrackers but without a single mistake or problem unlike many errors I read in other threads.. which is why I think this is gonna be the most helpful thread for firecrackers.


    The bigger the better. DON'T USE BREAD! Bread absorbs peanut butter exactly the same as to how butter dissolves into bread via toast when you put it in the toaster.
    You want big crackers because small ones like ritz are hard to handle. PB oozes all over the place and makes a mess.

    Tin foil
    You need to wrap your firecrackers in tin foil in order to prevent any of the weed to be vaped while in the oven. 1 small sheet as long as it covers the whole cracker is enough. Just place cracker in the center and tighten the tin foil together to be closed off from any air leaks. DO NOT PLACE TIN FOIL IN A MICROWAVE!

    just to heat the firecrackers for a few seconds. This is important because it prepares the weed to be cooked when placed in the oven after. And can cook remaining weed into the peanutbutter or at least prepares it better when you microwave again later.

    Organic peanut butter/Nutella
    Organic is important because you want as much fat as possible. Nutella (that chocolate spread) is better though because it has more fat.
    You cannot use artificial pb like skippys and jif and such because there is less fat and overall artificial. You can still use it but it will not be as good at all.

    Make sure it's set to bake.
    Don't freak out if your oven is not clean and using it will result in a ton of smoke. But that's why the tin foil will protect the crackers from gaining a smokey taste. My oven was dirty as FUCK and the whole damn place was filled with smoke but the firecrackers came out/tasted beautiful because the tin foil protected it. Tin foil is your friend.

    about a joint/bowl worth.. like a small nugget for just one firecracker. A fat nugget I took was able to make 4.


    PREHEAT oven to 320 NO LESS NO MORE! 340 is the vaping temperature for weed meaning you will burn it away if it's set to 340 but it won't cook right if it's under 320 either. People recommend 280 which I think is fuckin stupid, I did that before and it took like an hour....

    Break up the weed into cig tobacco sized DUST! This is important so the peanutbutter can absorb as much as possible. If you just throw in a nugget, it will only absorb thc from the buttom part of the nugget that's touching the pb.

    Spread the organic pb on the center of two crackers. You don't want to smear it all over the cracker because that will be messy and weed will just ooze out and you waste a bit.

    Sprinkle weed on the center of the peanutbutter. You really don't need a lot.. just enough to cover the center of the pb. If you sprinkle too much all over the peanut butter, then you WILL lose a bit once you place the cracker on top and pb oozes out (keep in mind that organic peanutbutter due to its oil is pretty liquidy so be careful). Carefully place the cracker (doesn't matter if one cracker has more pb than the other) on top of the weed filled cracker and squish them together VERY gently!

    When you are done making them, place them on a plate and microwave them on high power (I set it to 7 to be safe) for exactly 15 seconds no more no less.

    THEN you must wrap them in tin foil. You really don't have to wrap it like it's a joint (which is hard to do with a sloppy firecracker) just close the tin foil together to keep it wrapped and away from air leaks.

    Place the foiled up crackers on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven FOR EXACTLY 22 MINUTES.
    Better set your time correctly. Time is a pretty huge fuckin factor here because we don't want the weed to burn which it will in only 5-10 minutes more than 22.

    After exactly 22 min (i opened the oven right when 60 seconds after 21 min passed lol) The oven should smell a bit like cooked peanutbutter, the tin foil is actually helping the weed smell from leaking (which is great for stealth btw)
    Take out the firecrackers and remove the tin foil (which will release a beautiful pb weed smell). If done right, the peanutbutter looks tight and stuck like oreo cookies. The crackers are toasty and the pb is toughened.

    REMOVE the tin foil and place the cookies in the microwave, yes again, for 15 seconds just like earleir. This cooks any remaining weed left while it is still hot. be quick though. After that, you are done but you should wait till they cool off or you'll burn yourself!


    People recommend 280 degrees but this is not good because it will cook for a damn near hour till its done.. 340 or higher will burn it. 320 is where it should be at.

    Don't be lazy and just throw your firecrackers into the microwave.. this will burn it away.

    People who don't use tin foil may burn away their weed when they experiment with different temperatures. Tin foil helps keep firecrackers stable.

    Everyone has different bodies.. it took me 3 hours to reach my peak, but my friend took only less than an hour to reach his (and he got the firecrackers with the LESS weed in them, and got even higher than me!) Don't take more thinking they don't work and end up tripping out.

    make this a sticky. helpful shit yo.
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  2. LuckyNiner

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    An awesome, thorough, in-depth explanation.

    Thanks, man. I know this will be helpful to many.
  3. Pezzo

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    hey thx m8 i wanted a recipie like this now i can eat it! although i havent got any pb, can u use butter or does it have to be pb?
  4. Pezzo

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    scrap that i have got pb. is it 320F? whats that in C thx
  5. kknight

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    Nice write-up.

    A friend and I made some a few weeks ago and enjoyed them but the directions were all taken from scattered about sources and we were pretty skeptical at first but it worked.

    A question and something you might want to note. How exactly did you determine the optimal baking temp?

    Also, might want to add in there that temps are going to vary by user and location.
  6. phoenix

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    Thanks man, a few more steps than I was planning on. Will use this guide hopefully on the weekend. :)
  7. Pride

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    320 degrees FARENHEIGHT.

    According to calculations, 320 farenheight in celcius is 160.

    Sorry should have said in the guide.

    "If you just throw in a nugget, it will only absorb thc from the buttom part of the nugget that's touching the pb."

    I didn't properly explain this.
    That line meant for people who would make firecrackers with pb on 1 side of a cracker. But the guide teaches to smear pb on both crackers.
    After reading Horror's thread how he made firecrackers that supposedly worked real well, he smeared lots of pb on both crackers.
    I learned how most guides will tell you to to use 1 cracker with pb but I disagree because I think more peanutbutter will be able to absorb the TOP part of the weed if the peanutbutter can't squish enough to the top when sandwhiched.
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  8. Pezzo

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    kl thx m8 ill try that
  9. ToDrunkToFish

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    Hey after you made your 4 or however many. How many did you eat? Just 1 or two.
  10. KOZMO

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    so nutella is best to use?
    nutella is great
    will it bake good or should I bake it for less time?
  11. Pride

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    I ate 2 and was baked. took 3 hours to reach my peak
    My friend with lower tolerance ate 2 and thought it was like shrooms. he took 30min to an hour
    My friend who came back from vacation (smoking EVERYDAY) last night ate 2 but wasn't high enough. took him over 2 hours.
    Pretty different for different people.

    If you're not feeling it within 2 hours or so, then you should have eaten more than 2. Or just smoke a bowl to enhance it. That works well.
    But it's really because of the size of the crackers that I would sprinkle like .2 or .3 worth of weed in there when you need to take in about a gram of weed to pretty much trip out.
    3 crackers would have done the trick for sure if eating 2 nearly had me hallucinating.

    nutella ive never used but i heard its better. I'd rather use it though because chocolate weed sounds better than pb weed imo :thumbsup:
  12. DMAngara

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    I had to use JIF, but I didn't want them to go to waste, so I put some vegetable oil on them. Will that help the firecracker?
  13. ToDrunkToFish

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    Well im about to pick up some DANK, and after not smoking weed ALL fucking month and now am able to. I love your guide and want to make some. How BAD does it smell? Cause I make shit in the oven too but like is it a weed smell? And for how long does the smell linger.

    Cause im home alone for a while durin the day but occasionaly my dad will come home for lunch then leave from noonish till 5. Will that be good enough time?
  14. DMAngara

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    Okay, the oil definitely works. D:
  15. phoenix

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    ToDrunk, my friend made it with nutella, and said it just smelled like he was cooking chocolate chip cookies.
  16. tootsie roll

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    Pride, what wattage is your nuker? Ours is like 1500 so that would make a difference.
    I'm totally gonna try this using nutella and club crackers.:thumbsup:
  17. Oksmokey

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    I make them in a toaster oven with Nutella. I have used the Smuckers Organic peanut butter BUT the nutella taste WAY better and is easier to work with.

    I cook them at 300 for 20-25 or so minutes. You don't have to be that exact for THCA to THC conversion. You just can't go hotter than the THC combustion point.

    This is a REAL ez way to cook pot food. The smell isn't bad if you cook them in a tin foil pack then after the pack cools store them in a zip lock bag.
  18. hammertime

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    damn i made some of these the other day with gram crackers and organic smuckers and damn, just off some ground up dirty regs we were all pretty high, also made some cannaoil and we saved it to make some brownies this week, prolly enough for 5 batches, edibles kick ass
  19. headyboy

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    nutella works as well as organic peanut butter? when i used organic peanut butter they tasted horrible. nutella sounds like it would taste much better.
  20. greenburn

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    Has anyone tried making peanut butter with weed in it? Wouldn't that be better as long as you get the portions right and weeds finely chopped? I only ask because I work at a donut shop so i can get chopped peanuts by the pound.

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