How to make your own ceramic bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by shadesofaction, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. shadesofaction

    shadesofaction Registered+

    I've been after making a mario 1-up mushroom ceramic bong and some other ideas, but I have no idea where to start. As Im a big fan of ceramic bongs I'd love to know any details from ANYONE who's made thier own ceramic bongs.

    Please? May offer some here to sell if I get some good results.
  2. sonne

    sonne Registered

    dont think it would be too hard to make one....tough part is getting it kiln fired, anyone know how you get access to a kiln?
  3. tankboy30

    tankboy30 Registered+

    um like if u like go into a school posing as if u like go there then u can go into the art room and put it in lol, i think my moms into ceramics so yea i gotta call her and ask if she has her kiln
  4. iriebowl

    iriebowl Registered+

    i made a few ceramic bongs in high school. my ceramics teacher was the coolest so even when i had pot leafs and "4:20" glazed on it she just smirked at me and said make sure no one sees it before i get home :thumbsup:. made most of them on a potters wheel but did a few pinch pots doubled up and added a coil tube. had a friend who did a ton of anime type ceramic bongs.

    if your not in a ceramics class or have access to some clay, glaze, and a good kiln, its gonna be a lil hard to make your own bong.

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