How to pack a bowl?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by newuser23, Oct 19, 2006.

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    I've smoked maybe 6 times before, but I've never actually packed a bowl myself. I don't really know a whole lot about weed. I just bought for the first time the other day but I don't know how to pack what I got into a bowl haha. My weed looks like little christmas trees, but what do I need to do to pack it in the bowl? Also would the same steps apply for rolling it in a joint?
  2. for packing it in a bowl, you wanna have about 5 or 6 peices of little bud in your bowl, if you make it too small it'll burn up too fast, but if the peices aren't small enough, it won't really hit right.... as for a joint, you need to grind that shit up good..... and remove any stems/seed that happen to be in it.

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    yea, what he said :)
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    . .
    the space inbetween periods is aboout how big each piece of nug should be
    it sounds like its kind of hard, like that you need the PERFECT size, but its not really like that, breaking it up well jsut helps a bit. you get the hang of it fast.
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    Just get a shot glass, put your weed in it, and use scissors to cut it up. It's like a homemade grinder.
  6. Mr. TBAGU 420

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    For packing a bowl just break it up and remove stems and seeds and break it into little ball sized nugs. When you pack the weed into the bowl don't pack it tight! If you do that then it will burn really shitty and will get stuck up in your pipe making more hassle for you to deal with. Just pack it lightly and soon enough you will get the hang of it. For joints, grind it up good and roll it, if you can. Rolling joints are very hard..
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    I agree with what's been said. I don't push it down into the bowl much so I can dump out the ashes easily with a dry pipe (just suck everything through if its a water pipe). I want to smoke green not ash.
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    Here's the easiest explanation you're likely to get.

    Grab some weed, break it up a bit, put it in the bowl.

    Smoke it.

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    I like your style!:p
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    welcome to the world of cannabis my friend
    i always blaze with a bong and over the times i have learnt that the best way to pack a bowl is to cut up the bud with scissors, but not too fine, just small pieces, then you should fill only half the bowl because if ur tokin then you cant keep inhalin, you can stop and not let the copius amounts of marijuana burning, and finally i dont like sticking the flame into the bud i hold it a few millimetres above the bud so it just heats the weed, but after like 3 seconds, the cannabis will burn and it tastes better imho, so thats the way i like to have a bowl, others differ even my friends do it other ways, but i as i said i always smoke woth a bong, and this is the best method to me. also btw dont toke fast or hard, toke slow and gently its easier on the throat and is better.

    Peace :)
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  11. Nochowderforyou

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    It's been said, but there are a few ways you can pack a bowl. Some people take the a nug and jusr cram it into the bowl, this is fine, but if you get a bud that is dense/hard, you have to torch the bud to shit to get a hit. If it's loose buds, then just cram it in the bowl and light.

    I always snip my bud up before I pack it, or you can just tear it into smaller pieces with your fingers, then cram it in the bowl, light, inhale and enjoy.
  12. D1me

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    i do the same thing holding the lighter high above it before lighting it, it's like your hit is 1/4 out of a vaporiser. and you get a good taste of the bud
  13. EzRyder

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    u gotta be fuckin kidding to pack a bowl? Maybe the weed is making people stupider....dumb ass thread~
  14. SantaClawz

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    Didnt your mommy ever tell you if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all?

    Otherwise, I usually like to put a little bit of a bigger nug in the bottom of my bowl peice so none of the fine pieces fall thru the stem into the water. And just break up the rest as well as you can with your fingers, think of a BB, thats a pretty good size. Dont let any seeds or stems go in, thats a big no-no. Another thing I find my self doing [for my bong] is after I take a hit I put my hand over the bowl to cut out the oxygen and extinguish the cherry if any, but only when im tokin by myself.
  15. SantaClawz

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    Ouch. Definately take all the stems out.
  16. someuser

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    Dont just break it up, put it in a bowl, and smoke it! That is fucking nasty. Seeds and stems not only give the smoke a bad taste but also a bad after taste.

    Although not the best method, a good beginners method would be:

    Take a toke (or two) and get all the seeds out (if it has any) by gently breaking it up. Next, put what you have in a grinder (can buy these things from headshops). Afterwards, pick out the stems that you can see (use your finger tips to 'feel' for hard things).

    Then pack it & smoke it.
  17. someuser

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    Eventually you might want to buy some 'miner light' things... Basically light bulbs that strap to your head. This way you can direct high illumination as you use your fingers to pick off the leaves, break open the buds, and remove the seeds.

    When I first bought weed I bought a whole QP and ended up 'practicing' all night breaking the shit down... By my standards now it was a sloppy job but practice makes perfect.

    Dont start bad habits smoking seeds, stems, and leaves though. Yeah, a lot of stoners smoke that shit but trust me, marijuana taste so much better when you take the time to learn how to do it 'right'.

    Smoking at first is going to burn and make you cough but once your body gets use to it, properly broken down bud will go in smooth, make love to your lungs, and give you a nice high :)
  18. NightProwler

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    hold the stem with tweesers, snip off tiny bits of bud with scissors until its a bowl of finely shredded weed.
  19. Natural Rx

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    Damnit, why did overgrow have to go and get busted?!
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    what works for me and always makes the bowl pull perfectly is you break up the buds and when u got the amount u want u sqeeze it between ur finger tips almost making it into the size of the bowl head ( dont do this too hard just lightly pack it so it stays in that form) and then u just pick up the ball and place it in the bowl and pack it slightly not too hard or itll be too tight but if done right you should have an excellent bowl pack :Rasta:

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