How to pass a pre employment urine drug test - every time (hint: fake pee)

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    To date, I have used synthetic urine to pass 3 pre employment drug screenings, the most recent being in late 2017. If you're a professional (or want to become one) and like to consume marijuana, this is a must, and I kind of think it's a well known secret among the professional class anyway. You should read this entire post for key details and learn how and why you can feel comfortable buying QUALITY synthetic urine from TRUSTED sources to pass pre employment 5 panel drug tests.

    Of course, every time I'm told a I have to take a drug test for a job, I still freak out, and most recently, I did the same. I picked up some Quick Fix 6.1 from a local shop while job hunting and thought all was well. After continuing to research and freak out waiting for a job to come through, I discovered there was a new 6.2 formulation. After trying to research the difference, I started discovering posts of people saying they failed using 6.1, and somehow labs (in Hawaii specifically) were able to detect it. I immediately ordered some 6.2 from Spectrum Labs (maker of QF) and paid the extra $35 to have it over nighted to me - I was already talking to a company who made it obvious they would be making me an offer, so it was worth it. But I was still freaking out over the possibility that QF had even been detected in some labs - it shook my understanding of the synthetic urine business (more on that later).

    The next morning, I called Spectrum Labs, and talked to a very nice person who told me that she had heard about the issues with the 6.1. Apparently, several units had been liquidated likely by a distributor, and these were sold online at discounted rates. The product was expired, and it appears like the seller simply forged the batch number. If you plan to use fake pee, you should ALWAYS order directly from the lab if you can. If you can't, pick it up from as reputable of a shop as you can find.

    Now that I had the extra bottle of fake pee, I decided to experiment with how it held temperature. Of course, I could have done this with the stuff I was going to use for the actual test, but I didn't want to risk spills or anything else. For the two previous tests, I was always nervous about the temperature, because I wasn't sure how long the wait would be or what the acceptable temperature range was (I originally thought it was a minimum of 94 degrees). It's 90-100 degrees, and assume you'll lose 3-4 degrees from just pouring the liquid into the cold cup. One way to prevent this if you're worried is to breathe warm air into the cup for several seconds (be sure not to breathe in cool air over the cup).

    So here's what I do: I try to take time off work, so I can be as relaxed as possible. I pick a lab as close to my house as possible, and then call to find out if they have a wait. I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes, but I would still check. After that, I estimate for the drive how hot I should heat the fake pee up - I typically just go with 107 degrees. This is super hot, but it cools down extremely quick. I then attach the heat pack and then stick it in my underwear - I always wear two pairs. I'm a woman, so mine are already snug, but if you're a man, consider this. I also find the bottle to very conveniently fit right along your "undercarriage." :) I bring a heating pack with me to put between my legs during the drive as needed and use my seat warmers. I do a final, discrete temperature check in the parking lot (using a digital thermometer). All of this is probably over kill, as I also experimented with just heating up the bottle to 100 degrees and then seeing what the temperature bottomed out at with the heat back and wearing it in my underwear, and it never got lower than 94.7. This is okay, but given how you lose heat after transferring the fluid, I'm not comfortable with that margin. So back to the process - play it very relaxed and cool. I smoked and took Xanax before I "peed," but I had a friendly demeanor and don't stick out as a likely suspect. Remember, these people collect a lot of different bodily fluids all day. This is a routine thing for them, only slightly more tedious with the extra precautions, but a big deal for you. If you're nervous, tell them you are, because you have performance anxiety when it comes to peeing in a cup (you only have 4 minutes). They'll laugh about it and so will you, and it will calm you down. This will also spare you time if you have to try to heat up the cup or cool down your sample, but if you get it over with quickly, you can laugh about how you drank a lot of coffee before you came in and you're glad it worked.

    Always make sure you buy the 3 ounce size. Sometimes they require you leave a certain amount to try to catch fakers, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Very gently shake the urine again before putting in the cup, and fill up the cup just past what's required, and throw the rest in the toilet. Don't forget to loudly grab some toilet paper. DON'T FLUSH THE TOILET. This will ruin everything. Since I'm such a ball of nerves, I practiced visualizing myself not flushing the toilet, putting the bottle back in my pants, grabbing the cup, and opening the door. I'm neurotic. I know. But I'm successful. :)

    So why can you trust synthetic urine from reputable sources? I've passed twice with Dr. Green's Agent X and then once with Quick Fix 6.2. The reason why these products work is because it's scientists tricking other scientists. Your fake pee will likely never even make it to the actual machine for the expensive testing, because it will pass the simple dip test. Only samples that fail the 5 panel dip are moved on for further testing. It will also pass additional tests for other expected urine properties. If it did make it to the machine for testing, think about how mechanics work. Machines used for medical testing must be calibrated to ensure the machine is properly measuring levels. This requires a testing solution, so scientists already develop something like this. Think about how many people in this industry now know how to create synthetic urine. Any additional hoops the labs try to put synthetic urine through, scientists are usually ahead of the curve, because they're in the industry and aware of the upcoming changes. Plus, it's a business, and they're driven by the profit motive.

    If you're still worried, read an insider's review of QF 6.2:

    And then if you're still worried about the finer points, like lack of smell and foam, read here:

    Best of luck to you!

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