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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Gennaro, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Gennaro

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    hello every body i want to know how can i pop my seeds so that they can grow i mean like i think its germinate the proper word or sprout may some body help me i tired putting in a glass of water but its not working maybe i am doing to wrong anyways thats all the info i need please reply this is a little bit urgent.
  2. Gennaro

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    also i forgot to mention how much time does it take ?
  3. Gennaro

    Gennaro Registered+

    does it have to be warm place ? in a drawer anywhere ????
  4. ToKAlot

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    Ok look take a plate put a papper towel down on it put water on the plate then put your seeds down in the middle and put a second papper towel down then make sure the papper towels are wet then take a bowl or another plate and put it over the top if it so it make a little dark place for the seed and just keep it damp and wait thats all!!!:thumbsup:
  5. michaelpeg

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    i think it works alot better putting the plate on top of something warm like a tv cable reciever or water heater.
  6. hybridlove420

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    i feel a need to interject here (is that an applicable word?):

    i have never used the wet towel germination method on a succesful plant. only times ive used it was on the rare seed that wouldnt sprout after 2 weeks below ground, and the towel didnt do anything either

    in otherwords: ive had perfect germination rates in soil, and see no reason why you wouldnt plant them like seeds are intended to be.
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  7. psychocat

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    The KISS principle :thumbsup:
  8. stinkyattic

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    Too much heat leads to rot.
    Avoid any possibility of damage to the tap root- plant sooner rather than later, before it becomes too exposed and vulnerable.
    Use a completely unfertilized seedling soil such as farfard, or rapidrooters.
  9. michaelpeg

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    the reason i use the paper towel germination technique is that it usually only takes 24 hours for the seed to pop and usually another 4 days at most for them to come out of the soil. I find soil germination takes longer and it gives me a bad urge to poke around to see whats going on under there and if you use paper towels you can look at them as you please
  10. hybridlove420

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    usually they break surface at 6-8 days. the only exception is with truly crappy seeds. i had one break at the 2.5 week mark, then curl up and die within the next 2 days

  11. Gennaro

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    ok it worked thanks all i used a baggie with not lock just an open sangwitch bag baggie not an zip lock bag great website.
  12. hybridlove420

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    well, good luck on your grow!
  13. Bud30002002

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    Well with my grow currently in its 2nd week all I did was put some water on the seeds and put them in the freezer for 15 mins and the seeds cracked open then I just planted them and 4 days later I had little green popping out of my soil MADE MY DAY so much better ^_^
  14. sharkfinz

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    Just drop the bean in soil and it will grow, if you do the tissue method you will be obsessing every hour looking at it to see if it has popped, it's just frustrating for you and not beneficial to the seed.

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