How to raise humidity?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Lowryder1, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Lowryder1

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    I need to raise my growrooms humidity, it's usually between 30-40%... Any recommendations on raising humidity?

    I tried using jar of water, not much results...
    Was thinking of wet sponge, would this work?

    Any tips much appreciated.

  2. xxxhazexxx

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    get a spray bottle and mist your grow room morning and afternoon or buy a fogging machine from a growshop.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. Land of Drought

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    Ditto.. Spray bottle or a dish so the vapor can escape into the atmosphere....
    if you use A Hps/Mh llight leave the dish close to the bulb so itll be exposed to more heat so itll vap off quicker. I should add 40 Rh isnt too low and itll help fight Mold!. Having a lower rh.
  4. Storm Crow

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    Fan + broad surface of water= humidity

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  5. ograskal

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    Get a Humidifier from Walmart...They work great..~ograskal
  6. water

    water Registered+

    why are u trying to raise the humidity
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  7. Dr. Bloor

    Dr. Bloor Registered+

    Like ,Water said, why are you trying to raise the humidity? I grow just fine in that 30-40 range. If you go to high you risk damage from to high a humidity. Like bud rot!
  8. Lowryder1

    Lowryder1 Registered+

    I just though to go with the tips in FAQ, where says you should maintain 50-60% humidity until the last two weeks, when you should lower it as much as possible, to get more thc... It also says low humidity causes stress on plants.

    But... If it really is ok to grow with 30-40 humidity, I guess I'll be staying with that.. But is this ok for sure, as I don't want any complications with the grow?
  9. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    if you want to add humidity, buy an electronic vaporizer ... cheap, about $20 at WallyWorld, in the Pharmacy section ... will run a few hours on a quart of water (ONLY use distilled or RO water, they lime up easily) ... (I've never had a situation where I wanted to add humidity, usually just the opposite) ... :smokin:
  10. 1puff2puff3puff

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    I am also maintaining a low humidity (between 25-33) with no problems as of yet. My temp is between 85-91. What is your temp? How do your plants look? I think you are fine, all climates are different and the plant acclimates to its environment, you just have to maintain it.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!!!
  11. Chronisseur

    Chronisseur Registered+

    I dont know of any added benefits as a result of high humidity, only mold.
  12. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    A wide, flat container like a dish pan with an airstone in it set in fron tof your fan will raise humidity.
    1-4puff, if your temps get any higher you need to add humidity- either way, you should try to drop them back down below 80. BTW is that your dog? I've got an Olde English bulldogge mix with a similar look to her.
    Chron, there's a thread cdalled is heat really that bad, where rhizome gets into a neat discussion of osmotic pressure deficit or whatever it's called, basically,getiing your plants to keep the stomata open and continue to transpire by keeping some humidity in the air.
  13. Chronisseur

    Chronisseur Registered+

    I did skim through it, quality stuff I might add.

    I just cant imagine ops conditions really need more moisture? Could someone maybe give me a scenario in which humidity levels should be above 40%? My logic is telling me temps would need to be around 95-100 in order to justify an increase.

    I'm obviously pretty new to the wonderful world of cultivation, so pardon any ignorance, I'm schoolin' like a MOFO:cool:
  14. 1puff2puff3puff

    1puff2puff3puff Registered+

    Will do, And yes she is my baby, she is a 1yr 3 mo old American Bulldog (Johnson Breed) she weights about 130lbs and her neck has to be about 25 inches. She is such a GR8 dog!!! Got pics of your baby??
  15. water

    water Registered+

    i can can u need more than 40% humidity when trying to root clones

    apart from that no other reason

    to original poster dont bother raising humidity GOLDEN RULE if its not broke then dont fix it

    good luck

  16. elskeetro

    elskeetro Registered+

    I realize this is a year old, but i searched and it came up and i don't want to start a new thread.

    My Humidity during these dry winter months is consistently 20-25%. Temps are 65 Night - 78 Day. Normally i'd be stoked about the Low RH but i'm trying to start some seedlings and they don't seem to be appreciative of the dry air.

    I've got a fan blowing on a bucket of water and it doesn't seem to do much. my Clones and these seedlings are all being kept in Humidity domes and tupperware with lids on. I pop em open often to exchange air, but if i leave the top off for more than 10 minutes the seedlings start to shrivel and fall over.

    My 2 flowering plants aren't totally thrilled about it either. My Northern Lights looks alright, but my white rhino is battling some root rot and looks like it's getting a little dry, could use some perfect conditions.

    Any suggestions? I don't want to keep them all closed up if it's going to eventually suffocate them or what have you.

    i have a Vicks Humidifier that i could dig's a piece o' garbage though.

  17. elskeetro

    elskeetro Registered+

    sorry...forgot the actual question...

    Is 20-25% bad? i think it's low, but there is no definitive answer in this thread. Some just want to prevent mold...others want to provide optimal conditions.

    I am the latter.

  18. Biggins

    Biggins Registered+

    get a bedtime vaporizer at the drug store for $20-30, assuming your grow room isn't a warehouse.
  19. michaelpeg

    michaelpeg Registered+

    large flat container filled an inch or 2 with wet perlite and re wet when it gets dry
  20. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    How big is the grow room??? is it like a real room??...if so, fill a crock pot with water and turn it on. check an enthalpy chart to calculate how much moisture you need to put in the air to raise your humidity to around 50%

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