how to remove and smoke resin from a pipe...???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by tokeovertheline, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. tokeovertheline

    tokeovertheline Registered

    does anyone know how? I have a metal pipe. Please help. Thanks.
  2. hardon

    hardon Registered+

    just scrape that shit and roll it up in a ball and smoke it.
  3. CanaBliss

    CanaBliss Registered+

    Boil it in water over the stove.
  4. Tha

    Tha Registered

    Try taking a resin hit to warm the stuff up first then scrape.

    It works better for me that way.
  5. Endless Smoker

    Endless Smoker Registered+

    hmmmmm..................thats a hard question, how bout scraping it?
  6. cortezbuddha

    cortezbuddha Registered+

    If you want to do a ghetto quick job, just bust out a paper clip, unfold it, and then scrap out the pipe. Just scrape and pull out somewhat carefully, then you might get some. It works for me pretty well, but I have glass, and boiling glass is a bad idea...
  7. ganja is my game

    ganja is my game Registered+

    i have a mini pocket knife that works perfectly for metal, also get some dental tools they work like a charm.
  8. stonefly

    stonefly Registered+

    After you get the resin out, it works well to put a few cigarette or pot ashes in the bowl and put the resin on top of the ashes to smoke it. It melts so the ashes keep it from dripping straight down the bowl again before it can burn. A piece of coathanger is usually close to the size of the hole in metal pipes. If you can take the pipe apart that works best. If not then you have to push the resin through the pipe backwards, back into the bowl. Then you can dig it out with knife or something.
  9. ihateapplesandsalt

    ihateapplesandsalt Registered+

  10. Bauman

    Bauman Registered+

    Why would you want to smoke that dirty, dirty resin? That shit might have some of the "good stuff" in it, but if so it's a miniscule amount. The amount of other crap that's in the resin, more so if you don't clean your shit regularly, far outweights the good shit. That's just my opinion, no scientific facts about amounts. I just think that way because the resin makes the pipe nasty, you clean that shit out so the pipe is useable again (unless you like coughing alot from a small hit), why would you want to smoke it?

    I dunno, maybe it's just because I don't need to smoke every last bit of weed, I can waste the resin caked inside pipes... I do smoke roaches though, so I'm not entirely oblivious to honouring weed by smoking it all. I just don't think getting that resin is worth the effort, keep in mind about all the bad shit that's gotta be in there... ugh.
  11. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    i always warm my bowl with my light a bit, then i take a paper clip and i just take it out. for galss pipes i put them in hot water then i pass the resinated shit in a filtrer :)
  12. rysk8er420

    rysk8er420 Registered+

    Yea its worthwile if you have no weed!! My advice for you would be to use an unfolded paper clip, don't boil the bowl it usually ends up being a mess and stiks up the whole house with resin. Another scraping tool that i find works well are metal hairpins. When you unbend them i think they work better than paper clips. good luck dude
  13. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    my advice get some rubbing achol and solk it for liek a houror a day
    any were inbetwine but waate till all teh achol is dry
    an dtehn wash out with water
  14. smokinindausa

    smokinindausa Registered+

    Ya either boil it for a while, then scrape out the pot, or just heat it up and scrape it out. That shit can get you high as fuck.
  15. knuckles fearon

    knuckles fearon Registered+

    dude, don't smoke the gak(or reisen as you ppl call it) that's bad shit like
  16. ihateapplesandsalt

    ihateapplesandsalt Registered+

    I tried scraping and mixing it with a bit of tobbaco and dope. I felt slightly hungover, so I'm not doing that again.
  17. Bauman

    Bauman Registered+

    You guys are destroying your body for a slight high, if any high. It's not worth it dude, that just shows you are seriously addicted to weed and shit. I'm used to getting weed regularly, but I've gone months without weed and I never resorted to doing what you guys are talking about.
  18. mauijim66

    mauijim66 Registered

    well bully for that muthafukka..
  19. mauijim66

    mauijim66 Registered

    in the meantime, if one doesnt wanna smoke the resin, surely theres a solvent that will disolve resin buildup off of metal and glass that could then in turn be rinsed so as not to leave behind any toxic chemicals on cleaned surfaces.
    ive tried all kinds of methods to clean my metal bat (one hitter), all to no avail. tried:

    boiling-- stinks to high heaven and transfers your buildup problem to your cookware
    alcohol-- negligible effect
    listerine mouthwash-- nearly caused my roommate to die of a coughing fit when he didnt know I had filled a hookah with it and let it stand overnight (just wanted to share that little story)
  20. built2spill

    built2spill Registered+

    Denture cleaners like pepsident work very well if you are not interested in the black gold.

    Personally I like to roll the resin balls in some kief before smoking them.

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