How To Smoke Inside At Home/In Your Room With Out being Caught!

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    The best way to smoke if live with your parents is to go out but since you are here reading this it's probably not an option. I have used this method myself upwards of 15 times and I haven't been caught yet. This will work better in the cold weather however if you live in a warm area it will still work; the reason for this is that the room is warmer than the outside so the hot air in the room seeks to equalize with the temperature outside creating a negative air flow out of the room. tSo without further delay here is what your need.

    Item List:
    1. A Joint or a pipe (A pipe works better but I a Joint will work!)
    2. A water bottle that seals well and you don't care about
    3. A window
    4. Some fragrance such as Ozium or Febreez (alcohol free works better)
    5. A bath towel to roll up and put under your door (Duh!)
    6. Eye drops if you have them if not then don't worry
    7. A fan of some type and or an air purifier (These can get pretty price but are well worth it!
    8. If you do not have an air purifier then you will probably want something to be making white noise so that nobody hears the lighter click or you shuffling around
    9. A change of Clothes ready and laid out
    10. Mouth wash, gum, or mints

    What To Do:
    - This works best if your parents/roommates are sound and asleep
    1. To be less suspicious get some of that air freshener and spray it around your room every day for a week so your parents or significant other doesn't suspect anything.
    2. Smoke like to stick to fabrics so clean clothing off of your floor and shut your dresser/closet
    3. Hide all of your shit really well and only keep out what you need a lil bit of weed, lighter, and smoking method of your choice.
    4. Earlier in the day go and open your screen if you have one as often times it makes a lot of noise
    5. Before you get down to smoking spray a fuck ton of air freshener in your room
    6. Have your change of clothing ready
    - Wedge the towel under your door (again Duh!)
    7. Turn down all of your lights so you have just enough to see (This prevents unwanted attention and will make it harder to tell your high if your parents bust in)
    8. Open your window with your fan or air purifier pointed out of the window
    9. Lean your head out of the window and light your lighter to see witch way the wind is going and make sure it is not blowing towards your room. I take a rip of my vape and I find it to be more accurate(Only do this if it is ground level so you don't fall out of the window and hurt yourself) (I am not responsible for any injury that occur as a result of this method)
    10. spark up being careful not to let the smoke blow inside (if a lot does abort the mission ASAP)
    11. Once you have finished smoking then through your joint into that water bottle and hide it quickly out of sight
    12. Pop some mints in your mouth and your High!

    A Few Notes:
    Like I said before the best way to not get caught is entire not to do it or sneak out. And I am not responsible if you get hurt or caught doing any of this. (This was written from the state of CO where weed is legal).

    Keep on the Puff Puff past shit and Cheers!
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    I used to use a toilet paper roll or steamroller & put a dryer sheet at the end of it as a screen & it makes the dank smoke smell like clean laundry :)
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    Your parents probably know.
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    Your parents are also skimming some of your stash, brah
  5. Bumer750IL707

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    Ya'll trippin. ima smooooooth criminal.:Stig::angelic:
  6. AladdinSane

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    someday you'll be a big boy and can live on your own. hiding the smell won't be a big deal.
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    If you're still living with your parents, then you're too young to be indulging in cannabis.
    Unless you're over 21. Then I suggest you get a life.
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    hahaha this was my tactic from 2007 hahah shared bathroom with my family in highschool. whatever, just sharing the ways of my youthful weed days.

    pz out
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    Thus is WAY too much to hide it!!! Lol. I suggest you just take a walk outside! Start walking the dog! If you're still at home, it could be your new chore!! :) You can use your allowance for more weed!
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    I think a little walk outside will be just fine to lick your weed.
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    welcome asshat threadjacker with multiple accounts... now go away.

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