How to smoke with less cough?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by McToker, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. McToker

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    I need some help here. Mrs. McToker is having a heck of a problem with "burning" our medication. We have all sorts of glass pipes, papers and a bong. The problem is that the Mrs. has incredible coughing spells after a good hit. She doesn't like the bong. Never has. There is no difference, for her, between a joint and a pipe. I stopped by our local shop and bought a cheap water pipe. Now, her coughing doesn't start until the second hit. Better, but still not acceptable.

    I've researched vaporizors and decided that while I like the Purple Days (PD) I don't want to wait over 2 months to get one. That leaves the Vapor Brothers Hands Free. But, the Mrs. won't let me spend $165 on one.

    Any suggestions on what kind of appliance or method, other than vaporizors, that will lessen the impact on her throat?


  2. DOUGAL25

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    Edibles or a THC tincture is all I can come up with.

    If price is the issue on a vap (which is the "healthiest" way to smoke), I would look at this vap:
    Digital Vaporizer Herbal Vaporizer +Free 3pc Grinder BK - eBay (item 170373335773 end time Nov-15-09 21:54:01 PST)

    40 bux total for vap + grinder...such a good deal that I'm getting one in about a month :D
  3. Thizz All Day

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    Vaporizers will help, as will higher quality weed, properly dried and cured, and flushed completely if chemmed or just straight organic.

    Curing makes such a difference.
  4. McToker

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    The edible stuff doesn't interest the Mrs. The herb is already pretty high quality, AK-47 and Blue Apollo. They were flushed before harvest and cured well. She does better with the AK-47 but the Blue Apollo really sets off her coughing. Neither bothers me at all as far as coughing goes.

    After the research I've done I think we'll pass on the eBay vapes. If we end up getting one it will most likey be the Vapor Brothers. I'm still pushing her towards the vape. She can be one tough customer, though.;)

    In the meantime, I just bought her a bag of cough drops.:D
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  5. Ub3rB0ng

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    buy better weed man, if its not smooth its not worth the money imo.
  6. Markass

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    I cough every time I take a hit...the amount I cough is dependant upon how big of hit I take..if this is high quality marijuana, which if you're medical I would say it is, tell her to take a small hit and just hold it in for about five seconds..I'll usually get one real good hit and choke to get me started, then I take it easy after I get the onset from the first one..
  7. ForgetClassC

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    Look into diffusion for your bong. I don't know what type or size, but you get get downstems diffused for like 10 bux and a nice diffused ash-catcher for like 50. Now my buddy has a fixed stem tree with circulator toro, with a toro trashcatcher and a phathead inline, now thats smooth, but also cost $1300. Diffusion makes the difference though.
  8. ProAnon

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    Protip: Drink some water.

    Altmode: Make a lightbulb vape. All you need is a big lightbulb, a candle, some weed to vape, a bottle cap and two straws.
    Exacto knife always helps.
  9. the image reaper

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    if using a bong, or water pipe, put HOT water in it ... that's right, HOT water ! ... just do it, you'll see :thumbsup:
  10. achilles

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    Second on the hot water idea, found that one out after deciding to pour my green tea into the bong. Its like warm aroma therapy,... then you get stoned!
  11. MasterKushy

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    I second to idea of diffusing your bong. A friend of mine has a similar setup to the one described but with a bubbler bowl, an ash catcher/diffuser and a phathead attachment thing and it really is incredible. I have never hit something so smooth. But overall he's put like $500 of extra attachments into his $3-400 bong. Probably worth it though.

    Also realize with the THC and good stuff, you're inhaling a fair amount of bad stuff too. The best option is vaporization. It will cost you a bit of cash but its worth it IMO. My thought is if you're gonna smoke the best cannabis, you should use the best tools. :thumbsup:
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  12. lwien123

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    A bit confused, being that the PD is more expensive than the VB.

    Anyway, another alternative to the PD would be the Myrtlezap. Same basic design, a bit cheaper, and there's not a long waiting list like there is on the PD.

    BTW, good call on staying away from those cheap Chinese made vapes on Ebay.
  13. Rubberbubbler

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    I always thought ice would help but hot water in your bong dose seem like it would work better:thumbsup:
  14. smello

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    Hot water DOES work wonders-smello
  15. Spagett

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    I always thought hot water was great too, amazingly smooth hits, until we filled our bong up with that really hot water gas stations use for coffee... it cracked the bong immediatley :(
  16. Markass

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    gotta gradually work it into hot water from cold..just as you've got to gradually go to cold from hot..otherwise that happens to you. learned my lesson once...$50 and a new bong later..
  17. Storm Crow

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    Get the VB!

    I have used cannabis for over 40 years. Before I got my VB, my lungs were a mess. Less than 2 weeks after getting the VB, my lungs were perfectly clear and no more morning cough! Now the only time my lungs give me trouble is when I use my pipe! I have used my VB daily for over 3 years with no problems. :thumbsup:

    A friend of mine is a severe asthmatic. She "got legal" about a year ago. Every time she smoked she'd cough and cough. I let her try my VB. She took a small hit. Then a bigger one and SMILED! :D We were ordering her a VB about 5 minutes later!

    The "knock offs" of the VB that I have seen are junk! Don't even bother! The VB is sturdy, quiet and very much worth the every penny! Get it!

    In the meantime, why not look into "water curing" your cannabis to create a smoother smoke? Won't have much flavor, but will be easy to toke!

    Granny :hippy:
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  18. lwien123

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    Totally agree with this, but keep in mind that there are about 10 other vapes out there from reputable manufacturers that would provide the same benefits as the VaporBros., and some, possibly even more depending on what your priorities are.
  19. GreenMtBeast

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    It might seem counter-intuitive, but BIG FATASS BLUNTS. Choose a flavor you enjoy with the smoothest blunt/wrap (packs of Dutch Masters are sealed to be as fresh as the minute it was made). Take as small of a hit as you want and if you can't take it to the lungs, just breath it out your nose and when your not toking, the bud won't run. Continue puffing until high. When I take my time and solo that slow-burn sticky Boone Beasts I can be outside for hours. :smokin:
  20. MrMojoRisin7127

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    Yeah because that won't burn like hell....

    Do yourself a favor and get a vaporizer please. We've got a thread going over in the vaporizer section for the best vapos under $200 US.

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