How to smoke with less cough?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by McToker, Oct 30, 2009.

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    This an old trick I learned as a teenager. When you smoke keep a cold drink in reach so if or when you choke & cough quickly take a drink. It has always worked for me, well enough that I've used that trick for 34 years.:smokin:
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    bhong 101

    If your a big hitter never leave stale smoke in the chamber for the next person, especially with a large bowl.
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    Buy a vaporizer, you inhale only the THC and water vapor is expelled, the burning usually comes from the micro/macro nutrients when growing and without properly curing the bud

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    Have you ever tried Water Curing your meds? It will lose flavor and smell... but the upside is that there is no harshness to the smoke - cleaner then vaping
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    Coughing is an important body defense mechanism of the airways. When something blocks the air passages, the body immediately attempts to expel the substance by forcing out air in the lungs under high pressure. What you have to do is get used to inhaling. The way to do this is to take a small puff, and inhale very slowly. When you start to feel the urge to cough, hold your breath and try really hard to not cough. When the feeling passes, exhale the smoke, and do it again. If you do this for just 4 or 5 puffs, trying hard to not cough, you should be able to easily inhale without coughing.
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    smallers tokes :)
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    x2 :pimp:
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    A diffuser attachment for a bong will help a great deal in minimizing the coughing and harshness. Check out portable vaporizer Micro G which will be less harsh.
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    Wooden pipes seem to make me cough less, especially the ones from like the 50's with the chain attached to the metal cover that goes over the bowl.
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    i'm an absolute newb to MJ and I'm with your wife, the burn in my throat and the coughing are not worth whatever remedy I'm trying to get out of the smoke, especially if I already have a headache. I can take 2 or 3 small/short tokes from a joint without the pain. I try to be careful and feel for a heating up in my throat. As soon as I feel that I stop smoking. It's the same if I use the pipe style vaporizer we have. I only draw on the pipe until my lips feel slightly warm, then I stop, wait a sec and take another draw.

    This has worked for me. It doesn't get me high, but it does help with my pain.

    (and that was my very first post!)
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    That was basically the same with me too when I was first starting to smoke. The throat hit was way too much for me. But after a few times, I learned how to do it the way I can take the hit. When bongs arrived, they made it all even easier. :)
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    I have never heard of hot water in a bong making the hit smoother i will have to give that a go next time, but with regards to the thread if you're not willing to spend a chunk on a Vap which means you would rule out a good an expensive bong, have you tried putting ice in the bong it cools the smoke and makes it much smoother, also It took me a while to get decent weed that wasn't harsh, so might just be a case of trying a different source mate.

    One last thing is that she will get used to it my advice is to keep taking the hits and she should get used to it remarkably quickly.
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    The quality is not that good or you are taking it in a wrong way.. By the way you can try vaporizing it. It could help.
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    Smoking is not good for your lungs and body, i guezz. Especially smoking weed has up to 4 times more condensate than smoking tobacco. Why donĀ“t you get a good vape, you have no condensate and up to 4 times more thc.

    Get a vape or read and follow this

    Smoking a bong is not really great, vaping a bong is great.
    All you need are 3 pipescreens.
    Put some weed in your bowl and put 3 pipescreens above the weed.
    When you smoke it now, it gets vaped before it really starts to burn.
    Much more thc and much less condensate.
    When it starts to burn, hold the flame higher or place the screens higher.

    Only better than this is bong vaping with a hot air gun.
    All you need is a hot air gun with a temperature around 250 degrees and a bong bowl, that is big enough to place the gun on or in it.
    Lay 1 pipescreen on the weed and start inhalin before the gun is placed on the bowl ( or the screens could fly away ).
    I got a steinel Hl 1910 E.

    Here is a link to a video.
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    It is too bad she does not like a bong. The condenser coil bong I bought from Smokewire gives a really gentle cool smoke that eliminates most of the coughing, but that does not sound like the right solution for her.

    Did you ever get the vaporizer for her? Eliminating the black from your smoke does make it smoother and less likely to cause coughing, but I still see plenty of people cough even when they use a vaporizer. I sure hope it worked out for you.
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    I myself suffer from a similar problem, though I am sure smoking cigarettes in my youth certainly didn't help. I would recommend the Mrs. trying the THC tincture or has she tried BHO extracts? BHO delivers a powerful, vaporized hit meaning she could be taken care of with one hit and you can purchase BHO smoking equipment now far cheaper than some of the electric vaporizers out there. I personally used the "iolite" but I just kept wearing them out and they deliver such a low potency hit, I would have to run it for long periods of time, which eventually would kill them in almost 6 months to the day. WIth BHO I take one tasty hit and I'm out the door!! If you live in a legal state you can ask for more information and a demonstration of equipment at a local dispensary.
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    if you don't don't get off :stoned:
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    A go to line around here, Good job!!

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