How to smoke with less cough?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by McToker, Oct 30, 2009.

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    You have coughing after quitting smoking even though you haven't had a cigarette in a day, weeks or even sometimes months?
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    Awesome thanks for posting!

    I have never seen anyone smoke without coughing didn't even know it was possible?

    I am a true non smoker and can't enjoy any positive things from the cannabis after smoking it because the pain in my throat is too severe and takes hours to become tolerable

    As for
    "...inhale very slowly. When you start to feel the urge to cough, hold your breath and try really hard to not cough. When the feeling passes, exhale the smoke, and do it again."

    That didn't work for me, hope your wife has better luck.

    HONESTLY the only way for me to take a smaller toke would be to NOT toke
    I took tiny bits of a breathe in and then hold for 2 seconds and repeat same while watching the smoke come up to top of bong, and first second it hit my mouth stopped, didn't even finish one full breathe, couldn't hold it for more than 5 seconds without coughing, there was no way I could hold it until "feeling passes" the feeling didn't pass for 15 minutes! was coughing sooo uncontrollablely my eyes were watering, it triggered my gag reflex and I started heaving and I think I peed a bit, both my arms started to uncontrollably shake and twitch

    Ummm edibles sound pretty damn good right now
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    Guess you have not seen me and my friends then. :D

    It's all about proper drying and curing.
    You do NOT "have to cough to get off" .

    Dry your trimmed buds slowly to about 60% humidity.
    I use an RH meter in each jar.

    Jar them and do 2 or 3 gas exchange burps, then store them in a cool, dark, place for a few months.
    The smoke becomes smooth, tasty, and coughless.

    For details;

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    Wow thanks
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    The reason people cough is simple: they’re smoking low-grade stuff. Low -quality weed is cheaper for a reason: maybe it’s still full of stems and seeds, or it’s old and dried out, or it’s just less resin-y than the good stuff. Whatever its fault, cheap weed won’t give you a smooth hit.
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    What about the other types though?
    There's bud
    But also
    Live resin
    And what not
    All those make people cough too
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    And for good reason.
    If it hurts, don't do it.
    Think about it. Your lungs are trying to tell you something. :)

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