How to stop coughing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by jojo123321, May 27, 2006.

  1. Th3 sand m4n

    Th3 sand m4n Registered+

    It has been proven by a couple of studys that weed dosent kill brain cells :) :dance: and that it actually promotes growth of some sort of brain cell. Also right now im high as shit so idk
  2. beachguy in thongs

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  3. graph

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    What... does that have to do with my post?
  4. too as in also

    too as in also Registered+

    drink something cold while your coughing:Rasta:
  5. TrueWeedSmoker

    TrueWeedSmoker Registered

    lol bongs are always gonna make you coff if its good stuff and you get it all :)
    rofl i coffed for like 5 minutes the other night but that was after 3 of them :p
    lol drink a lil bit of water to help stop the coffin it dose help.
    gud luck fellow potsmoker
  6. psychoshawn

    psychoshawn Registered+

    theres only one cure to ease the coughing... take almost the biggest hit you can take almost everytime...basically you have to get used to it sorry!
  7. psychoshawn

    psychoshawn Registered+

    and shit i still cough if i can get a good rip!
  8. DemoCommando

    DemoCommando Registered+

    I just hold down the coughs now I can take HUGE hits w/o coughing at all or just little cough like a hiccup.

    Man I need to blunt w/ 3 grams of chronic in there to test my breathing skills and big hit skills all to myself. Boy will I be trippin' balls.

  9. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Opiuser said that it kills brain cells. I think, he was referring to him. I'd be honored, if I were you. He liked your words so much, he repeated them.
  10. Captain Hanks

    Captain Hanks Registered+

    i wish there was a way to be able to take rips as deep as you can inhale without coughing
  11. Th3 sand m4n

    Th3 sand m4n Registered+

    looking back on it not much... lol. while posting i was seeing triple the computer screen so belive me i have no idea what was going on then and why i posted that :thumbsup: haha
  12. Doomie

    Doomie Registered

    its funny for me i been smokin for a month and 2 o my friends been smokin for 3-5 years and i take just as big of a hit as them and they start coughin but i never seem to cough unless we gone through a couple bowls
  13. newone

    newone Registered

    i dont think its something u can control whenever ur smoking... comes w/ time i guess. i remember the first time i pick up kush ( been hitting chronic only before ) and DAMN! i coughed like a mother fucker but after i keep pickin up kush only u get used to it.

    same with ur eyes getting red... maybe its different in everyone but i believe if u smoke alot ur eyes will like develope an immune system n what not that'll keep ur eyes white even if u blaze it... and i got 3 - 4 friends as living proof.
  14. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    Alot of coughing is mental.

    My best tip is to not look at the bowl while you hit it. If you see it cherrying like crazy your mind just presumes youll need to cough. Even think about something else if you need to.
  15. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    well ive been smokin for about 5 years, and i cough like a fucker alot, actually not 'alot' but at least once a session. i didnt really think maybe i take my hits to fast and hard, but i guess that could be it, so im gonna try it a little slower, and let ya know.

    my lungs gotta be really bad, i smoke pretty hard and often..
  16. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    duh, vaporizer brotha!
  17. diche

    diche Registered+

    put your mouth on the bong but leave a little gap where some air can come in. and breath with your diaphragm, it brings in more smoke to the bottom of your lungs so the smoke doesnt stay in your throat
  18. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    I'm coughing up cigarette mucus like crazy.

    With herb, "If you don't cough, you don't get off."
    - words from a medical marijuana doctor
  19. too as in also

    too as in also Registered+

    there is,i have done it before when i made a bong and left it in my garage for a few nights when it was just barly above freezing,and i smoked with that bong and i took hits all the way to my diaphram several was great:Rasta: (the bong made my fingers very cold though)
  20. Pungi420

    Pungi420 Registered

    its all about timing the exhale and dont take in such a massive hit u waste it by blowin it out so fast..ive heard you should hold a hit for a min of 8 secs

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