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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Cottonbowls, Jun 13, 2010.

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    I have 15 plants(4 strains with 3 around 50/50 and 1 sativa dominent) that have all started flowering. I started them indoors. Took cuttings at 12-16 inches and put the plants outdoors where they got about 2 hrs of early morning light and filtered light the rest of the day. 2 qt pots that were kept well watered with superthrive and seaweed extract. After 4 days most started to stretch so I moved them to 4 hrs of morning light after transplanting into 1 gallon pots. Within 10 days(started outdoors mid April) all had started flowering. I've tried cutting a few back, used higher nitrogen nutes, making sure they get atleast 8-9 hrs of direct light and no luck. They're almost done and I don't want it to happen again. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    Its odd as a lot of people are having this problem this year. I believe if you just keep them in the 8-9 hours of direct light, they will revert back to veg state. And if you look at my grow on here, you will see the amazing growth you get from a plant that is going back into veg. I have harvested 2-3 times, then a couple re pots and put them in the ground. Now they are huge, with 4-5 months to go:thumbsup:. I would think if you leave them as is, growth will shoot out of your bud sites and give you a better yield. But this is based on my current grow. Check out the first page an last to see what i began with and what has become of them now:D.

    Sorry if this isnt what you wanted to hear, but i really think it will only help you in the end.

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    Just a Couple of Questions for ya.

    1.when you had them indoors how much light were you giving them? 18/6 24/0 20/4?
    2.What time of day were the lights on?
    3.Did your light schedule mimic the outdoor light schedule?
    4.Did you harden your plants off before just planting them out side?
    5. Was there a big difference between the amount of light they were recieving inside opposed to when you planted them outside?

    You need to mimic nature and try and syncronize your lights with the sun. Ill try and explain clearly, your growing your plants indoors under 18 hours of light, with the light coming on at lets say... 6 am and go off at 12 am. If you were to put them outside in mid april, it would be getting dark at like 7-8 pm(Depending on where you live). Thats a 4 hour difference in sunlight! That will induce flowering in almost all strains of cannabis.

    Now that theyre in flower all you can do is wait......
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    Appreciate the insights. I'm finally starting to see signs of vegetative growth in the last day or 2. For the questions, they were on 18/6 under cfl's but I had the lights turned off in the late afternoon due to heat. I haven't had problems in the past doing the same thing but I can see where changing the natural time frame could impact the flowering hormone. Another question though, will the existing buds, while still loose, increase the chance of mold. Its very humid where I am. Should I harvest right now and leave as many fan leaves as possible or wait for more new growth. Thanks again for any thoughts.
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    no leave the buds, thats where your new growth is gunna come out of. Those buds are gunna stretch, become retarted, and then slowly grow leaves. Its gunna take a while so just sit back and watch them.. You can feed them a Veg nutrient that is high in Nitrogen to encourage leaf growth, but do not cut buds
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    Appreciate all the feed back. Most of the girls seem to be slowly making their way back to veg but very slowly. I will deffinitely avoid making this mistake in the future unless they all jump 2 ft in the next month which doesnt seem to likely at the moment. Thanks again:)

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