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    Here is one method that can visually be incredibly beautiful to watch. If all compounds are a different color in extract then this chromatography technique demonstrates just how many different compounds I am inhaling when I inhale vapor from dispensary extract. Just look at the number of unique colored bands in that run! Each corresponds to a different compound(s). This method is by far the least expensive method I employ to refine my medicine. Chlorophyls are a simple matter to remove. The idea is to catch the "stain" placed onto the silica gel by washing it through the gel and catching the different colors. The name "chromatography" was used and originally was simple seperation of colors, thus the "chroma" part of the word. This method shown is substantially similar to what men have done since 1900 when the inventor first emoloyed the idea to seperate chlorophylls from caratonoids from plant matter. This is identical to ehat I am doing here although the technique is refined considerably since 1900. This form is known by me as Dry Column Vacuum Chromatography (DCVC).

    In the final part of the video I show a series of petri dishes. When left overnight to evaporate and before the residual solvents were purged, all dishes except dish number two (fractions 4-6 combined as they came off the column). Dish number two displayed significant bubbles (outgassing) at room temperature overnight. I intepretted this to mean that fractions 4,5, or 6 or a combination was the fraction containing the THCA and attributed the outgassing to natural decarboxylation, perhaps hastened by contact wih the solvent?

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    A quote from the song Piano Man.
    "Man, what are you doing here?" :D

    This site is under new management and is almost dead.
    You won't get much feedback here.

    Your input is valuable and needs to be seen.
    Have you posted on other sites?

    I would suggest ICmag dot com.
    It's international and there are many people who speak science.

    Mahalo nui loa for great information.
    Wee 'zard

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