How to tell if hash is good.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Alive, May 25, 2006.

  1. Alive

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    Can anyone enlighten me? I am going to be picking up 20 bucks worth of hash tomorrow but before I want to buy it I want to know how to tell if its soap bar or not. Any input is appreciated!:D
  2. LIP

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    Well, good hash is normally a light brown, or dark brown colour, and slighly soft still.

    It shouldnt be green, if it is its not very pure.

    THe reason it goes light/dark brown is the oxidation while the trichomes are being compressed.

    You'll know if its good hash cos you'll get fucked off like 2 hits.
  3. Alive

    Alive Registered+

    Thanks alot, is there an certain smell I should be able to smell?
  4. growitandsmokeit

    growitandsmokeit Registered+

    just really sweet.
  5. make it legal

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    man i wanna try hash bad but i got nowhere to get it
  6. shorty420

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    smoke it?
  7. Oli

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    "Judging hashish gets as complex as judging wines! Here's one way of avoiding the cannabis dregs.

    Pinch a small lump of hash (about the size of a matchhead) on to a flat enamel surface or ashtray, and play the flame of a lighter over the hashish for a few seconds.

    If it's GREAT hash it will light on the first or second attempt. The harder the piece of hash is to light, the more likely it is that you've been sold a 'lemon'.

    Once you've got your test piece of cannabis in flames, let it burn for a couple of seconds and blow it out. The embers should glow evenly like fine incense or a hot coal. The smoke it gives off should be milky white to blue grey with a heady, rich and sweet aroma. If you can smell rubber, this is never good, and is another exellent indication that you've been shafted.

    Once your hashish tester has burnt completely, you should look for a fine white ash. If it's too dark, this indicates contaminants. These can be anything from waste leaves to car oil!!!
    Around the ash, a ring of oil will form. The more oil and the lighter it's colour, the purer and higher quality your hash.

    The secret 'recipes' of Moroccan hash-making are jealously guarded. Some include honey; others use old car tyres. As a general rule of thumb, if it's easy to crumble when at room temperature and gives a rich aromatic smell, then it's more than likely to be okay gear. If it's got more in common with the consistency of a brick, and no real smell, leave well alone.

    Smell and taste aside, some simply believe that if it gets you stoned and makes you smile, it's good hash."
  8. notrightquite

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    Dude I agree with that last bit ... but I'm stoned and smiling.
  9. stoneberg

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    Is this good you think? it tastes and smells great, i tried the lighter thing, it takes a little time to get burning but once it did it burned like incense and the ash is white. there was oil around it too. it doesnt crumble at room temperature though, its soft like a piece of hard clay. It gets me ripped in a couple hits, but just wondering about your opinion on this.

  10. silasbotwin

    silasbotwin Registered+

    yo stoneberg
    that looks really good
    before i clicked on the pic i thought the foil part was the hash
    lol but yeah thats good shit you got there

    and why you askin if its good?
    you got ripped after a couple hits
  11. notech

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    Best way to tell. . . . Have a smoke of it if ya not sure of who ya gettin it from. . . .:thumbsup:
  12. stoneberg

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    haha yea well this is the only hash i've tried so far so i didnt really have anything to compare it with. Thanks alot, I gotta thank my dealer for not makin soap.

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