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How to tell if it's Sativa or not?

Discussion in 'Sativa' started by Euphoric7, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    Is there any reliable way to tell if weed is *mainly* Sativa? By mainly, I mean over 50% Sativa. I get bored of indica really fast, and I end up smoking it all because I expect a trippy, colourful Sativa high.

    Thanks, as always!:thumbsup:
  2. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

  3. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    I've seen that link before making this thread. It doesn't talk about about sativa or indica, only about strains (and it got locked). :(
  4. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

    sorry, i thought that thread would help

    i just read through the thread and i see why it wasn't very helpful
    i'm no expert man but sativa's usually have long, slender finger leafs and indica's usually have broader leafs

    i suggest you check out some seedbanks, for instance
    there you can compare thier pics with your bud
  5. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    I totally know how the plants look, I just don't know how to decide if the bud is Sativa or the sleeps. I'll check out that link; more suggestions welcome!
  6. MotleyCrue0226

    MotleyCrue0226 Registered+

    are you talking about a living plant or dried cure bud? if its living then the bud, leaf, and plant structure will help you easily identify the type. if you are refering to dried bud you are gonna have to smoke that shit!!! that might help, also i forget where i heard this but one is slightly more dense than the other. I dont know how to go about finding the volume and weight of the bud in a dealing situation but i hope that gives you a start
  7. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    The indica (yep, buds) are more dense.

  8. StickyfingahZ

    StickyfingahZ Registered+

    I heard from a freind that indicas are more compact and sativas are more fluffy....But I dunno if thats true,also I heard indica leaves are fuller as sativas are long and skinny.
    Anyone can verify this for me as well?
  9. oliwog

    oliwog Registered+

    if its dried jus smoke it an see a sativa wont put you to sleep an indica will or may do
    indicas a heavier stoned an in my experience in growing the buds tend to be a bit denser an broader leaved shorter plants
    sativas tend to be a bit more leaffy an fluffy but it does really depend on the growing factors, ive had sativa plants with solid buds before an indicas that are fluffy.
    as the other post by stinkyattic says it is near impossible to tell strains indica or sativa is possible but still very difficult without smoking it, mainly due to the fact that each plant will tend to grow differently and a sativa bud may look indica due to the growing factors involved(light,nutes,soil etc)
    id jus reccomend smoking it an if its a up head high its more sativa an if you get lazy an couchy then an indica
    most commercial weed will be indica or a hybrid indica/sativa, as sativas generally take around 12 weeks too flower an its too long for most commercial growers, plus the yeild tends to be less in most sativa strains
    if the palnt is tall with slender leaves it will probably be sativa if its shorter with darker broader leaves its probably a indica but there are no garuntees
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2008
  10. Forwhat420

    Forwhat420 Registered+

    verified correctly!!!
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  11. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

    what i said
  12. bayareapurps

    bayareapurps Registered+

    when your growing slimply look at the fan leaves sativa's are from tropic arera so the grow taller to compete with other plants VS indica's originate from mountain regins where there higher elavation an less air to breath so they are short n stalky to conserve energy... SATIVA"S have big or small but always skinny or slim fan leaves cause they are always moist n it rains alot in those area so slimmer leaves mean less run of water to worry about.... INDICA's need bigger fan leaves cause they need more air to breath and more light for more energy to survive the altitude n bigger leaves to stay moist .... they can both produce dense bugs thats just good drying...
  13. doomie62

    doomie62 Registered+

    from smoking alot of both types of weed Sativa and Indica here in South Africa.. the only way you can really tell is by smoking it.. and sativas buds are more compact and have a sweat smell along with a high, indicas normally have bigger buds and lots of crystals and more of a heavy skunk smell. and a stone
  14. bayareapurps

    bayareapurps Registered+

    yeah that is true the only way to tell is to smoke it... but if u do the research u will find the awnsers
  15. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    tbh i must admit the only way to know it for sure is to smoke it

    peopel re-act differently as well

    for instance I just had some Trainwreck months ago and to me it was a trippy high with heavy stoning effect, it was like 70%-70% of each lol, too strong, for others some told me it was just trippy and few passed out on it, for me it was quite trippy-ok not as trippy as white widow- and put me to nice sleep after a 2nd bowl and about 3 hours in general. oh well all kinds of bud has made me tired at the end and due to my daily activity and when i usually used to smoke (nights) i would be sleepy/tired anyways

    but u can trust what the reputable websites tell u about the stuff, usually they have no reason to lie and u can check the facts from multiple sources or just ask around for the names.
  16. good4u

    good4u Registered

    How long would you say a sativa strain should go from veg to flower? I didn't mark a calander and harvested at about 18-20 weeks in.
  17. veggii

    veggii Registered+

    Yes the girls with Fat leaves are sativa, skinny leaves are indica ,;)
  18. dooobster

    dooobster Registered+

    Short, stocky plant wih fat fan leaf blades, rounded in the middle of the blades: indica.
    Taller plant with skinny fan leaf blades: sativa.

    Your plant could have any ratio of one to the other, and there's probably no way to figure that out. Unless you have a friend in a DNA lab. lol
  19. caligrown82807

    caligrown82807 Registered+

    i think it depends on the grower nd grow room i mean leaves can be more broader if high humidity,density can be changed by light ect.....????????:thumbsup:

    ONENUMCAT Registered

    Sorry, I know this is kind of an old thread, but when I read it and saw veggii's reply...I just had to say... U got that bass ackwards. Have a look here, pretty straight forward, for normal healthy plants, that are more than 50% of one or the other. There are many strains of mixed Sativas though, very popular.

    This page shows two fine examples.
    Indica or Sativa? Weed (Cannabis) Growing Guide:

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