How to tell if seeds are good or bad?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by shovelcpl, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. shovelcpl

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    we have been keeping some seeds from various good bags and had them in a plastic baggie anyway how can you tell if the seeds are good or bad? male or female? can growing be done year round? thanks for the info fellas
  2. babystarbud

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    well, if you had asked me that a few months back, i would hve said look for the larger shineyer brown, uncracked ones.
    if its cracked or squashed then its bad.

    i would have said the pale/greish ones may not be good,

    however, i got some skywalkers from dutch passion, and to look at, i would say they deffo looked below average, small and pale....but they had 100% germination and grew into beasts, so there you go.

    seeds keep quite easy, aslong as they are kept away from moisture and reletivley cool, they will last.
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    if you can crush them between your fingers, they were no good - even fresh seeds will probably float, so you can't go by that, but, MY personal method is to trash any seeds that refuse to sink after a 24-hour presoak - best way to store seeds is in the refrigerator - long-term freezing is permissible IF the seeds are DRY - nobody, repeat: nobody, can tell a male seed from a female seed - ideal temp for a plant is about 75 dgrees F, so few areas would support an outdoor grow in the Winter - besides, indoors has no cloudy days, no deer, moles, or bugs, etc
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  4. Weedhound

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    plant them and see.....j/k :)
  5. kboughton

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    ive always wondered.. r seeds m/f before we put them in the ground and theres just no way to know til they grow up or is it entirely 50/50 based on the conditions as they grow?
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    Was wondering same thing, havent found any sites that go into the research of seeds. Would THINK they would know some methods or Science on
    seeds by now.
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    ive found the bigger ones r normely a go a , but if u want all laddies ,cutting s off a know female r the way 2 go , there are sum hormones out the u can try 2 in prove your rate, many thanx
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    Just think there should Be some way to Look at the Seed & tell whats goin on with it....:what: Any guides like that?
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