How to tell if you truly have good bud?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Dallas22, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Dallas22

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    Yes, that is my question.

    1/4 of good bud but not a strain costs $90. From another spot, I can get an O of named strain bud for no more than $250, but it's far and never have been able to get out there to give it a try yet. Hopefully these are decent enough prices for my personal use and the 90 dollar bud is usualy crystal filled with different kinds of aromas and tasty when exhaled.

    Anyways, aside from the high, the crystals and the hairs, how else can I tell that I got good product? For instance:

    - the smell or lack of smell of the bud
    - the taste of the weed when you exhale
    - the way it burns
    - the color of the weed

    Any of the good stuff I've gotten doesn't have any seeds and no stems (just the stalks) and always accurate in weight. Please let me know this much needed knowledge. Thanks
  2. Cocoflava

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    Damn... Thats a good Question, i am also curious to find out the answer to this question..

  3. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    Yes, you are correct.

    .... :p

    it comes with experience and there is no definitive way to tell other than smoking it. But you can usually make some pretty accurate generalizations using the criteria youve already mentioned. Obviously skunky and pungent, powerful aromas are a good sign that you have good bud. Some exotic smells could be chemical additives, but not a good ol fashioned multi-bag penetrating skunk aroma :D If there are no seeds in the bag then it can be deduced that somebody employed correct growing procedures and thats another thumbs up for your bud. After a bit of time and a bit more smoking you will begin to notice the difference in taste when smoking good, great or not so good bud. The same goes with smell. I can usually smell seeds in a bag, and miracle gro wrinkles my nose right away. The color of the weed is not going to be the greatest indicator as Ive had some bud grown in Northern Cali that smelled like pine trees and was so dark you could barely see any of the usual pretty bud features. But let me tell you that shit rocked my dome-piece.

    You seem to have a pretty good handle, there isnt much else anybody here could say. Just keep smoking and you will get a well rounded idea of the difference between good and mediocre bud
  4. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    experience i suppose

    tasty aromas don't necessarily equate to high quality effects for example

  5. Markass

    Markass Registered+

    in this order for me...potency, taste, look, smell...if I can get a head change off of 1 good toke, it's killer to me...
  6. mysensiherb

    mysensiherb Registered+

    I guess trial and error. I'm still not a pro myself. Sometimes the bud looks like shit but is great! One time my friend brought over dark dark bud and she had just started smoking so I figured she couldnt tell what was good or not, thinking she got jibbed. Wow the bud was THE shit(not shit). :) i was so high. haha so yeah sometimes you just never know by the look of it. You can probably get alot of info from the smell. how old, strong etc.
  7. 415plus5

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    HARIY, CRYSTALY, PURPLE. got grapes?
  8. KillaCali805

    KillaCali805 Registered+

    u just has to do with experience..ive been smoking prime bomb buds fer so long now..i just know what quality weed is
  9. weedmaster

    weedmaster Registered+

    cystally dense buds with a strong skunky smell:jointsmile:
  10. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    Potency, Taste, Smell, Look for me
  11. Dallas22

    Dallas22 Registered

    Thanks for the info guys... here's a little background.

    I've been an on-and-off weed smoker for over 10 years (more on than off). I've mostly smoked regular stuff with occational mid-grade bud once in a while. Now in my early 30's, I've "upgraded" to smoke only top notch bud (at least whatever that would be in central florida). I've always been weary about getting "good" bud because I'm paranoid that the dealer is trying to rip me off a with lesser kind of weed AND because it is such a smaller amount for the $. After feeling much more confortable about buying top bud this past year I've realized that quantity doesn't matter (as most of you already know) as long as the bug is good... so here's the current situation:

    Been buying from a current dealer for almost 1 year (know of him through a friend's friend). The guy seems to charge regular prices, nothing overpriced. He mainly deals with good bud, rarely has regular stuff. Now I agree with most on here that the skunky weed, from my experience, is usually the best. Got this darker, bud & crystal filled 8th (for $50, basic price in these parts) about 1.5 months ago and it was the best Ish I've ever had (you can see photos of it in my pictures area). Usually the stuff from him is pretty good, orange hairs, crystals, NEVER any seeds & good smell & taste (again some pics in my photos area).

    This last time (2 days ago), the bud seemed to take a small dive from the usual. It resembles mids in look. It still has a nice green color and there are crystals on it (not as much as usual though) but it's leafier and burns quickly... this leads me to smell & taste more of a burned aftertaste, which I've mainly experienced with regular/mid grade bud. Now, there are absolutly no seeds in the buds (but are smaller buds than usual) and I do get buzzed off a nice sized bowl. Unfortunaly for me, the previous kind of bud (normal looking with a very nice aroma and a fruity taste & smell) seems to get me pretty high off 1-2 hits, which is something I'm appriciating right now :stoned:

    I guess that it's a hit or miss thing because of it not being legal and because this isn't the West Coast :) It still seems like decent (good bud) but I'm always skeptical that it's something like mid-grade stuff that I got this time around. Could it be that although it has a lot of the qualities that make up good bud, it's mid grade stuff or at least older, drier good bud??? I'll take a couple of pictures and upload them in this thread (If that is allowed) and you guys can tell me what you think.

    Thanks again guys!

  12. mysensiherb

    mysensiherb Registered+

    its probably old
  13. Dallas22

    Dallas22 Registered

    Thanks... I thought that went I tolded the weed. I do think that it is older because it's a lot crispier than the usual stuff. You think that I should go to another guy or chalk it up to the business; he's always been pretty good with things for this past year... It could just be me, maybe it's still good stuff. I know if it happened again I'd probably look elsewhere.

    Here are some photos of the better stuff (on the left - the smaller amount & darker of the two) & the new (on the right - greener but maybe older) stuff... Let me know what you all think, thanks again!

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  14. mysensiherb

    mysensiherb Registered+

    all your bud looks good to me. i usually get the same stuff(no actually strain names except for maybe 3)
    maybe he was just having a bad week or something. but if he does it again, its time for a new guy
  15. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    The left looks better than right, that's really all I can tell. Heck the right could be extremely sticky and causes the whole room to smell like someone smoked in there, but some reason I doubt it. Regardless you shouldn't be complaining considering you are both for 90. The right seems like a downgrade, but I'd still smoke it.

    I look at potency, smell, taste, looks. I don't really take one consideration over another, but smell usually does it for me if it's highly stinky. :)
  16. Dallas22

    Dallas22 Registered

    Yeah, the left is better (to me). I mean it's obvious when smoked :Rasta:

    There is no amonia smells or mold smell so I don't think that mold is the cause but the stuff that I just bought (on the right = 1/8th) seems a bit old & crispy plus it takes a good bowl to get somewhat high... 2 bowls easily does the job but still disapointing :(

    Does it look like it could be mids? mold? Let me know what you all think and thanks again for the input!

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  17. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Seems a bit premature and the dude who sold it to you sold his old stash, based on what you describe, plus it does look like it wasn't properly stored. It's definitely not mids and I don't see any mold.
  18. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    That the nature of the bud business.. He can only sell you weed as good as he can get, ya know? And if he has to make his money, hes gonna try to sell some home-grown sensimilla for the same price as the better quality shit. It actually sounds like thats exactly what youre smoking.. Somebody made a batch of their own, removed the males in time, took care of it, but maybe used some miracle-gro.. haha I hate tasting that shit in my bud :p
  19. Dallas22

    Dallas22 Registered

    What's the Miracle Grown weed taste like when smoked? Does it taste just like the Miracle Grow smell? That lesser of the 2 good buds doesn't really have any smell (not Miracle Grow or an aroma smell) but the longer I have it in a container, the better & skunkier it's starting to smell. The thing is when I'm smoking it, it burns up fast and doesn't have that "nice bud" smell... just a nasty burned smell. I have a cheap vaporizer and should probably give that a try using my grinder... any other ideas to get the most of this bud?
  20. Doobee

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    Experience is paying as you learn and times you do pay saves you the next time.
    I've been smoking off and on since the 60s and 70s and times have changed the MJ alot in sheer quality.
    More often than not I am scoring when I really don't want to get stoned at the moment.
    Too early in the day or have things ro do that needs my brain.

    I first look at the bag and see how the bud looks.
    Not much to pay attention to but helps me know if it's been mixed with low grade filler for weight or volume.
    Next I open the bag and put my nose in for a deep wiff.
    I always expect the more pungent skunky aroma to be rich and strong.
    Don't want to wiff the scent of cut yard grass and leaves bright green and lousy smoke.
    Then I gently pinch a bud with my finger tips and test how dense the buds are and especially for any sticky fingers!
    I then look in and see if I can see any crystals and sparkles and dazzlers...oh my.

    Last nite I got an O for $300 and as I did my thing without taking a hit I noted an earthy dirt aroma along with an almost citrus hint.
    After my friend left and I got done with a chore I went to the bag and did my smell test all over and this is when I smelled such an earthy aroma enuff so that I just realized I might have to have my 1st return for my friend.
    I'd hate calling him and explaining myself.

    So I loaded maybe .5 gram pinch and took two held-in hits with a negative mind set that it was lower grade and I paid for top.
    I immediately returned a phone call and within the first couple of sentences my lady friend asked if I was stoned.
    She said I went from understood to babble in a minute.

    I was ripped.

    ALL head high and no body high at all.

    In the bag the smoke looked like mid grade with no sparkles and not sticky at all.
    The wiff smelled like earth and woody fruit.
    Taste the same.
    Not the med-grade strains grade but little is off the street.

    I took a couple of nice buds over to a neighbor's and asked her to take a couple of hits and tell me what she felt and all.
    I thought it was me so she'd tell me if it was or not.

    She did and sat back and then said it was already wasting her but she felt kinda odd.
    Odd after we talked it out because she had only a head high and her body felt nothing like she always gets from the seedy bunk her friends get.
    She was explained the diff with sativa and indicta and this helped her realize what she'd never felt so clearly.
    My last batch from my friend was alot like sensimilla of days gone by but alot more potent.
    This here O is really good shit!

    Different but good.

    Can't work well with it like others because it rips my head into a mush.

    So for me an old dog I learned a new lesson in buds.:D

    This shit nowadays is so varied in strains and hybrids that the shades of highs is as plentiful as the aromas.

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