How to tell the difference between skunk and weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Mave, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Mave

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    How do you tell the difference between skunk and weed? I've heard that skunk is alot darker in colour than normal weed, but I recently bought my first 20 bag and I have to say that it smells incredibly strong compared to weed I've smelt that my friends have smoked in the past. The smell is so strong that I can smelt it through the bag. It smells so much that I've got the bag wrapped in a pair of old jeans and shoved at the back of cupboard, and whenever I take it out to have a smoke, I can smell it on my jeans.
  2. akiraglasgow

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    I dont know what kind of weed you have but ENJOY :thumbsup:
  3. eazystar

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    what does "skunk" infer? is it slang for good weed, such as "dank" or what? because there are many strains that crossed with some form of skunk. (skunk #1, etc)
  4. WeedyBoyWonder

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    "Skunk" is actually a strain name, the chances you're actually holding "skunk" the strain is very slim.
    In the UK the word "Skunk" is used wrongly like the word "Dro" in the USA to describe some very nice bud. Whether it is actually Skunk the strain or grown hyDROponicly is usually besides the point the phrases are just attached to "dank" looking weed as it passes down the line to help shift the product.
    The word "Skunk" is also wrongly used buy the UK media alot so most of the confusion of terms comes from there.
  5. CSballer89

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    smell has alot to do with it, stronger smelling weed can sometimes infer higher quality weed. another method i like to use when inspecting is hold a flame (lighter, match, etc.) up close to the bud and examine the crystals formed on the bud itself. shinier, gllistening crystals will provide the most thc content, and densly populated fat crystals will provide the most taste. at least from what ive dealt with.
  6. buttyrekka

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    hiya mate im english and i know what you mean,in england all bud is called skunk it has absolutly nothing to do with skunk,if you go to amsterdam and look at a menu skunk will most likely be the cheapest weed you can england dealers call skunk anything that is green,the dealers have now idea what strain it is.if its grown in england it most probably will be the highest producing strain the grower has seeds for big budd,power plant or similar it will not be skunk because it stinks when it grows and is not a high yielder,not the ideal plant for a grower or dealer.
    anywhoo youve neglected to say what this sheit tasted like if it tastes great WTF difference does it make what strain it is?BTW where are based?
  7. Mave

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    I'm from liverpool. Didnt pay too much attention to the taste as it was first time of smoking. I was to busy coughing up my lungs and guzzling pepsi to cool my throat
  8. mfqr

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    There's a reason that they call it skunk... it smells skunky!
    There's a bunch of "skunk" strains, but all were (as far as i know) derived from the original Skunk #1 strain. It's really about preference. I have had some good skunky smelling strains, not sure what the actual strains were, but it obviously was a skunk, as the smell is quite obvious...
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  9. OLDE ENGLISH '800

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    i love the smell of skunk
  10. Pyropryor

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    Idk But "skunky" weed is usually the best, from what i have experienced.

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