How to tell when the vaporizer is cashed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by rabbitcatcher, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. rabbitcatcher

    rabbitcatcher Registered

    Hi all, i just purchased a vaporizer (box style), and was wondering about a few things. First of all, on average, how long should a 1/2 to a full gram 'smoke' for in it? is there like a table or chart that tells how many hits or how long the bud will last? also, more importantly, how can you tell when the bud is cashed out? and any other info that u think is important plz let me know as i am pretty new to the whole vaporizer thing. thanks a bunch
  2. thedazn

    thedazn Registered+

    haha yeah i would like to know this myself...
    i have a volcano i borrowed from a friend but i still have no idea exactly when its cashed, i do know that if all of the weed in the bowl is a distinct brown its cashed, but with a volcano its pretty hard to see that without taking some good effort
  3. EmoRebellion

    EmoRebellion Registered+

    It tastes like shit... Or more specifically burnt popcorn.
  4. Four50HP383Chevy

    Four50HP383Chevy Registered+

    a big "RIGHT E O" to you my friend. nice and simple :)
  5. jakez

    jakez Banned

    I tried it in a bong before, it's rough as hell, disgusting.
  6. Four50HP383Chevy

    Four50HP383Chevy Registered+

    yeah, smoking vape remains is disgusting
  7. rabbitcatcher

    rabbitcatcher Registered

    any1 who has a box-style vaporizer, about how long/ how many hits does it take to kill a gram?
    ^^thanks for the answer above
  8. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    impossible question to answer really ,
    i too have a vaporwarez box -n- it rocks . length of time a gram is good for all depends on the moisture content of your bud . i pull nugz right off the plant and get 15-20 hits off a wet nug . but commercail compressed crap that breaks up like mummydust i only get 7-8 hits .

    a lot also depends on how high the heat is set at too . u dont want actual smoke , just vapor . it takes a lil pracctice but you'll find the happy spot .
    enjoy your new vapo
    crispi :S5:
  9. VaporDaddy

    VaporDaddy Registered+

    Love the vaporizers!
    At first I would hit my vape like 3 days in a row and think "there's no way this weed can still get me high" so I would change it up But now I hit it till no vapor comes off.
  10. 420izzle

    420izzle Registered+ can vape it until it's black (but your smoking at some point I suppose if you go that far). But I like to vape until it tastes like burn popcorn I guess. When I dump the bowl out it's usually darker brown. But an any rate, you can use that stuff in cooking or smoking or even break it up and re-vape it.
  11. KushWhore

    KushWhore Registered

    It turns a dark brown color..I recommend getting a bobbypin and stretch it open so it looks like this: ______________________ and use it to stir the weed that's in the bowl for the vaporizor. I can get better hits that way and I can catch it usually before that nasty "burnt popcorn" taste as referred to above hits my lips (thank God! iccccckky!)

    And my friends, take it from me, don't smoke the remains of the vaporizor bowl in the bong. It is absoultely disgusting. Not only does it give you the nastiest aftertaste the smoke smells like dog crap. Bleeeeeahh!!

    I love the vape, I always "hit the floor" I kneel when I hit it.. gotta make that shit whistle! ;)
  12. DeepFriedBrain

    DeepFriedBrain Registered+

    Which is your favourite?

    FUNKNUGGET Registered+

    i have a vaporbros.. and like they guy before me said, when it tastes funky like burnt popcorn, its done. also I put like .2 in my vape and it lastes a good 10 minutes... half a gram lasts about half an hour give or take 10 min depending on the weed...only takes me one .2 gram bowl to get a good buzz, 2 to get HIGH
  14. trippruss

    trippruss Registered+

    before the burnt popcorn taste. i stir mine, when all the color is leached i dump it. i always use hydro so the color change is very noticable, if using dirt weed the color may stay close to original. use a stir stick & hit it SLOW for second hits. i like using a reg. bong now w/heatgun. easier to control the heat when you can see whats happening. tripp

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