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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by allfee, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Hello Cannabis Forums Community.
    I am getting drug tested by my parents and if i fail my test i get kicked out of the house. I'm getting tested by a company called "At Home Drug Test" heres picture of the box\ProductImages\pharmatechmarij.jpg
    Anyway my pee is most definitely dirty. I am going to substitute urine but since i basically do not know anyone who do not use drugs I can't get anyone elses urine. I do not have any money for synthetic urine. So the only thing i can really do is find something that will make it so i can mask the THC. I need to tamper with the test. Does anybody know what i can put in my urine to make it so the test says im clean. I have heard that mixing water with my piss will make it so those at home drug tests will say im clean. Is this true? I have also heard that putting bleach into the pee will mask the thc. True or no? Cuz i'd think if i put bleach into piss my parents could smell it and also culd see the white shit in the pee. ANYWAY IM SORRY FOR THE LONG QUESTION but this is very important to me. peace keep smokingg.
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    The SEARCH button is your friend.

    The questions youve asked have already been answered a dozen times in the forum. They can all be found by utilizing the Search button.
    Its your friend. :thumbsup:
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    Burnt Toast is right, search or scroll through the posts for your answers. I will add however that the test you are going to take has an option to send in your urine for further analysis. Any tampering you do may be noted by the Co.

    I know this may sound harsh but their house, their rules. If smoking is that important to you at this point, maybe consider getting your own place. Just a thought.
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    well your ass is getting kicked the fuck what did smoking weed do for you? lmfaooo...j/ really not j/p
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    just be honest with them and tell them you do smoke

    i was going to give my 2 cents but you dont want to hear it
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    just drink alotta gatorade, home tests are easy to pass
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    no reply back..i guess he got kicked out..I lol'd @him

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