How to use/benefit from vape duff.....

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HotCocoa, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. HotCocoa

    HotCocoa Registered

    ok the otherday I came home from work; needed some weed to de-stress, but I didn't have any! Then, I relized I had some vaped weed (from a home-made vaporizer). Not sure how much it was, Probably about 2TBS worth, but anyway, I just ate it. It was pretty nasty. I also had some milk chocolate too with it. I felt kinda relaxed, so I whent to bed at about 1am. My alam clock whent off at 6 am. and I was BLAZED! And I had to go to school! I felt kind stoned till at least 12 noon that day. Im gunna have to try this again some time soon. If ya plan on trying it; just don't plan on doing anything for a while afterword... lol...
  2. Sir Bliss

    Sir Bliss Registered+

    You eat plain weed...that had already been vaped? And you got high?

    Don't see how that's possible..
  3. tooOhsvn

    tooOhsvn Registered

    inefficient vaporizer maybe?
  4. Markass

    Markass Registered+ can just bake it into brownies via cannabutter..leaves behind a lot of cbd when it's vaped..cbd has a high effect on the body and is quite sedative..friend of mine most certainly makes some brownies from time to time...and I can compare a couple of those brownies to an oxycontin 40mg as far as the effect on the body goes
  5. HotCocoa

    HotCocoa Registered

    yeah, it was more like a real heavy body stone, but I know it really did work! the weed that was vaped was black.
  6. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    props for just eating vaped weed.

    lol man
  7. HotCocoa

    HotCocoa Registered

    I think eating it with the chocolate ( high fat content) made the difference......
  8. prairieplantsystems

    prairieplantsystems Registered+

    The fat contained in the milk chocolate is most likely why you got high.
  9. LIP

    LIP Banned

    The THC, the really rather small amount left, wouldnt have leeched if you like into the milk.

    If that weed WASNT vaped, and you ate it, you wouldnt have got high, because you havnt got the stomach of a cow.

    But vaped weed? I dont believe it.
  10. McLovin

    McLovin Registered+

    the milk idea is really the only thing that makes since because THC is fat soluble...other than that I call shens.
  11. intheflood

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  12. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    1 oz of vape duff.....melt a stick of butter or 2......get a brownie mix that uses veg oil replace the veg oil with MJ butter
  13. hophead

    hophead Registered

    gotta admit that i am a fucking old geezer and have only used my vaporizer for a matter of months now.

    lemme tell ya that i respect youth (pronounced yooth) if for nothing else, it's inguenity.

    i gotta sort of son in law that is a 17 year old bud monster. he and his homies made "green flower" and baked some cake. they told me to stay at ease with the shit. did i listen to the young me? da fuck i did and i ate a few huge pieces. wanna ugly picture? i fell da fuck out face down on mama's bed spread after a less than hour's time. no laughing, coughing, nada but falling out.

    i got a big ass sack of spent weed that i salvaged from my vaporiser and wonder if i should hand it off to these forest boys for their baking needs? sure as shit i ain't gonna hog the cake pan again!

    lost in oregon
  14. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Did you guys forget decarboxilation?

    A vape does this, but also vaporizes a lot of THC, there's still good shit in the duff, rest assured.
  15. GDawggy

    GDawggy Registered

    I get one of those brownie mixes that make 16 brownies and use 32 teaspons of already vaped weed and I get a good buzz from one. I am using a pax 2 and the AVW is mid to dark brown.
  16. quinnbrian

    quinnbrian Registered+

    I was told ...if it's true, that you only get about 20% of the THC from keep your off spring and make brownies....butter..etc.

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