How to use Google instead of built-in search to search the forums

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Splifted, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    Since we all know the search feature on this (and all bulletin boards) is pretty limited, here is a way to use google as your search engine.

    First: Open Google

    Second: Type whatever you want to search for in the box. Lets say our search is going to be for "Low Stress Training"

    Third: After you type what you're searching for, put a space, then type "site:". (yes, you can use it for other sites, simply change the URL)

    Thats it. So in summary, to use google to search for low stress training on the boards, you would type "Low stress training site:"

    Here is a link to the results you would get for such a search. Search Results
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  2. Frivolous248

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    Thank you! The search on the forums doesn't always work that great for me. I can type in "new bubbler" and the thread I'm looking for won't even be on the first page some times! Even when "New Bubbler :D" is the thread name!
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  3. JaggedEdge

    JaggedEdge Registered+

    Haha, as much as I bitch about people not using google and the search feature I never thought about using it to search this site in place of the built in search feature. This search feature is pointless. It seems like every post shows up in it no matter what you type into it.
  4. DannyMan

    DannyMan Registered+

    wooh good info splifted !

    that is going to be useful

  5. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Wow, I never thought to use the "site:" function to search! Genius idea Splifted :thumbsup:
  6. smoke it

    smoke it Registered+

    Nice idea, thanks dude
  7. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    cheers great stuff there i never knew you could do this until now. :thumbsup:
    funny thing is when you click on the search results link the number one search result for low stress training is this post.
  8. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    lol maybe this should be stickied for noobs.... :confused:
  9. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    oh never mind i just made a pointless post but now ive edited it so you cant read my stupidity
  10. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    Lol, it is. It wasn't when i posted that link, thats funny.
  11. Blunt420

    Blunt420 Registered+

    thanks for the info
  12. Grape Ape

    Grape Ape Registered+

    Good thing that this thread is Stickied, good info Splif.
  13. sfstreetphotography

    sfstreetphotography Registered

    Good looking out.
  14. GHoSToKeR

    GHoSToKeR Registered+

    Thanks for the tip!
  15. buddymyfriend

    buddymyfriend Registered+

    Cheers for the heads up!



    Ps. Good to see ya posting again Ghost!:D
  16. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    You can also do that by clicking "Advanced Search" and putting under the "[SIZE=-1]Return results from the site or domain," box.
  17. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    Great info. Thanks a bunch. It also works with other search engines, not just google. And don't type the quotation marks like I did the first time.

    Do like this

    Don't do "like this"
  18. Tea Party

    Tea Party Banned

    How about if just added the code for the Google search engine into the site? It would be at the bottom of each page with a box to check either a. search www or b. search This would be much easier than typing http://cann...every time a person wanted to perform a search. I mean, stoners should not have to type a web address every time they want to perform a search. The deck is stacked against us as it is:pimp:
  19. OLDE ENGLISH '800

    OLDE ENGLISH '800 Registered+

    ^ copy and paste
  20. Tea Party

    Tea Party Banned

    "...drink it in a bottle, 40, quart, or can..."

    Cut and paste is fine if you are just searching, but I usually have my clipboard full of other stuff for posting while I am searching. MULTITASK, BABY!

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